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Winter Vibes 2017: The Best Events, Products, and Courses to Check Out This Season

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Here is our action-packed Winter Vibes section from our new Winter 2017 issue, available in our stockists across the country now. You can also subscribe to receive this magazine – and the next three for the year ahead – direct to your door.

Colorful winter sunset

“Ah, World, what lessons you prepare for us, even in the leafless winter, even in the ashy city.” Mary Oliver

Soul Tonics

Be the Super You
Dr Joe Dispenza’s new, spellbinding book is just the read to transport you away from the winter gloom and into the
sublime, inner realms, where anything is possible. Becoming Supernatural guides us towards the realisation that we are naturally supernatural beings and, through wisdom ancient and cutting edge, enhances the creative and mystical capacities that make us so.

Ecological Education
Eager to heed the call towards a more sustainable life? The Jungle Oasis of Goa awaits you; home to hands-on,
internationally renowned, certificate courses in Permaculture Design. Join individuals from all over the world this
March 2018 to build sustainability skills and learn to design according to Nature’s own principles.

jungle oasis

Find Meaning
Activate your grey matter through some meaningful inquiry this winter as nationwide Schools of Practical Philosophy offer introductory courses; exploring the meaning of wisdom, truth and consciousness – the most essential elements of our human being-ness. Drawing from the teachings of East and West, they offer innovative inquiry into age-old questions.

Holistic Business
If you are a fledgling holistic business, take this winter to nest on ways to build solid foundations and sky-high visions for the business you love. Christine Judd is here to help with her new book Clarity; Create a Holistic Business You Love – providing step by step, practical guidance and the necessary skills to establish a prosperous holistic business.

Plot your Purpose
Brainchild of lead-coach James Parnell, the Well Being Gym is a virtual gym for mind, body and soul; delivering top-class navigational tools to guide you towards optimum, personal well-being and professional performance. Online and offline, you’ll find coaching, training programmes and workshops on topics such as mastering your workload,
managing your energy and activating a personal sense of happiness and meaning.

Christine Judd

Christine Judd

Muscle Methods
Become adept at the art of muscle testing and develop the ability to decipher vital information on the needs of the body, mind and spirit. The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology offers training courses around the country for both beginner and advanced practitioners of this wholistic healing art. Check out their website for more.

Winter Uplifts

Super Immune Boost
Boasting unparalleled ‘Bioavailability’, award-winning Better You™ Turmeric oral spray is designed to deliver. Research has revealed that where digestion is impaired, spray is superior when it comes to transporting the immune-supporting superpowers of Turmeric to your body.

Essential Pick-me-up
Smell, inhale or diffuse them – each aroma of essential oil is a mini-messenger of uplift or unwind. Karl Murray, founder of Kotanical, is Ireland’s first hand-distiller of home-grown Irish essential oils. Check out his range online, from laid-back Lavender to festive Frankincense.



Plant Power
Sun Chlorella has just unveiled a new supplement starlet – Sun Eleuthro. Traditionally acclaimed by its use in Chinese Medicine, this East Asian plant is now also scientifically acclaimed to be anti-aging, aphrodisiac and a strong support for the liver. Check out more of its plethora of healing powers online.

Winter Glow
Gain and maintain a glowing complexion this winter with Wild Power Wheatgrass. This cold-pressed, organic, liquid
life-force is brimming with vitality, anti-oxidants and alkaline power to keep you shining all winter long. Available in stores in Ireland and online.

Seasonal Support
This turn of season, why not invest in lifestyle guidance to come out the other side of winter a healthier and happier
you. For motivational insights on small changes of diet and daily ritual that yield big rewards, talk to Chiara on all Matters of Nourishment.

A Matter of Nourishment

A Matter of Nourishment

Future of Vitamin C
Promising ‘site-specific delivery’, ultramodern Lipsomal Vitamin C is packaged and protected to bypass the digestive process and get straight to the heart of immune system cells. Give it a try and ensure your efforts to keep yourself primed against pesky winter bugs hits the high-tech mark.

Bits n’ Bobs

Vegans Galore
As foodie fate would have it, Dublin is now home to the Serendipity Vegan Café. Sit down to breakfast, brunch and lunch vegan on raw salads, nori wraps, vegan treats and what is hailed as the ‘best vegan burger ever’!

Sustainability is a Virtue

Time to rethink your toothbrush? Small steps pave the way to sustainability where “everything counts in large amounts.” Think VirtueBrush; a plastic-free, bamboo-handled, charcoal-bristled toothbrush with a conscience – this
Dublin-based company plants one tree for every VirtueBrush sold.

James Parnell

James Parnell

Yoga round the clock
YogaHub has recently sprouted a new bud, this time in Castleknock at Junction 6. From high-flying Acro to low-lying Yin yoga, there is something to suit all yogi tastes – every day of the week!

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