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Spring Edition Sneak Peek: The Golden Age

by Elva Carri

Goldie Hawn

  Goldie Hawn’s Quiet Revolution

  By Elva Carri

MindUp, an interactive minduflness programme for children initiated by Goldie Hawn has been taught to over 650,000 students around the world. Like so many movements encompassing kindness, mindfulness and empathy, it’s been quietly changing the world from the grass roots up for over a decade. It’s helping to move society from the surprise and shock of the digital era, to what Tony Robbins refers to as the ‘attention era’ – a time where we now consciously choose where to put our attention. Goldie Hawn believes this shift needs to start in the classroom.

From age eleven, when people asked Hawn what she wanted to be when she grows up, she would say happy. Speaking at an event run by The Aspen Institute, she said, @ They looked at me like I was crazy. They didnt ask me what I wanted to do, and those were two different things. What do I want to do, well I want to be a dancer, and then I want to sing. But what I wanted to be really mattered to me.”

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