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Spring Edition Sneak Peek: Brain Food

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Cortsiol and Nutrition


By Aisling O’Toole

Much like everything else in our lives, our brain could do with a helping hand to reach its optimum ability. While hashtags such as #eatclean and #fitfam are clogging up our social media feeds, the notion of supporting and feeding our second largest organ is still a relatively new one. We take supplements to support everything from gut health to skin radiance yet leave our brains to their own devices. Mastermind, a new supplement from the people behind Revive Active, is set to change how we think about brain health.

The idea is a simple one. The 24/7 nature of modern living is putting our brains under continued stress, yet we’re still expected to perform to the best of our ability with no extra resources. There are of course certain aids that promote brain health, but none to a level that can improve memory, increase cognitive function, sharpen our focus and soothe our nervous system. Which is exactly what Mastermind promises to do through its natural formulation.

This is a sneak peek, read the rest of the article in the spring 2016 issue of Positive Life. Subscribe | Stockists

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