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Buddha Bag Meeting Thursday May 26th: Channeling Angels

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Victoria Marie Clarke

Facebook Event Page | The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8 | Thursday 26th May, 8pm

Victoria Mary Clarke has been channeling angels and guides for twenty years. ‘Angel In Disguise’, her book of conversations with angels is described as ‘An enthralling story of spirituality and belief’ by Pat McCabe and ‘F**king brilliant’ by Kate Moss. For this Buddha Bag meeting, Victoria will be channeling guidance from the angels on how to discover and truly live your Higher Purpose, and how to get your work out to the world. The angels will be working with guided meditations and energy to clear blockages, doubts and limiting beliefs and to attune your energy with your own Soul’s purpose.

Join us for this amazing night with the angels!

More about Victoria

She’s a journalist, author and life & media coach.  At the moment she is working on a new book “Angel advice for Everyday Situations” and teaches workshop for people who want to learn how to channel their own angel guidance. She lives in Dublin, Ireland.

From Victoria herself: “If I were in a fairy-tale, I would be that fairy godmother type, the one who waves a magic wand and grants you what you want. My wish is to be the genie, the magic potion the leprechaun who delivers your fantabulous perfect life, complete with pots of gold, endless energy and sweet serenity as well as anything else your heart desires. My own life has been dedicated to having the best time possible, manifesting the stuff of my dreams (without injuring myself or anyone else) finding the easiest ways to make that happen, and to inspiring and guiding other people who want to have the best time possible, too.”


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