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Summer Issue 2017 Short & Sweet: Kim’s Cure

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Happy mother and son outdoor portrait

By Orla Bass

Kim Lee’s holistic journey began in the 1990s with the birth of her youngest son. He spent the first few years of his life constantly ill, depleted, and on antibiotics. Deciding there must be a better way to help him, Kim began researching alternatives. Her wake up call came when she stumbled across a book by Harvey Diamond, which explained how certain foods create an inflammatory response in the body. Through trial and error, she discovered that her baby suffered from dairy intolerance. Her son’s dramatic transformation from ill health to vitality was enough evidence for Kim to begin her studies in the field of nutrition and health.

Currently a master medical herbalist with a background in nutrition and living foods, Kim practices from her own health food store, Nature’s Cure, in Skerries. She believes that setting up in Skerries was so easy, it was meant to be, and is grateful for the incredible loyalty of her customers. Her core philosophy is simple: “Let your body do the talking, as no one knows how you feel better than you.” Kim has noticed that in the last five years, Irish people have become more and more conscious of their health, and are beginning to embrace healthy choices that work for them. She maintains that good health is about listening to your body and taking control of how you feel by putting balance back into your life, through a holistic approach.


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