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Astrology – part 1 EXTENDED VERSION, Margaret Gray

by Patrick

spring-2009_pl_web_page_06_image_00012Understanding the Gods in the Skies in the build-up to 2012 – Part 1

There is a lot of interest at the moment in the astrological transits of 2012, particularly as they coincide with the ending of the Mayan calendar. As a Psychological Astrologer, one of my roles is to enable individuals to understand the planetary energies that are coming together in the sky over the next four years so that we can work with them in a creative and constructive manner. The manifestations of actual events will be dependant on the choices and decisions of each and every one of us as we are all deeply interconnected yet fundamentally individual.

Our birth chart is a snapshot of the arrangement of planets in the sky at the moment of our birth. Hence they are individual to everyone and everything born at that same moment in time. As the planets continue on their journey around the Sun, they form different configurations in the sky affecting all of us on a collective and individual level. The transpersonal planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, which are further away from Earth, move very slowly around the sun. Hence, when they link up with each other in the sky they stay in those positions for a several years, affecting all of us during that period of time. The personal planets such as Mercury, Venus and Mars are closer to earth and visible to the naked eye. They move quite fast and their energies impinge on us for a shorter period of time.

The transits affect all of us on two levels:

On a collective level, as the energies come together in a variety of aspects/relationships, blending or challenging each other depending on the nature of the planet or god as well as the signs the planets are in. The sign the planet is in describes the manner in which the energy is expressed. For example: the planet Pluto, which is about transformation and regeneration has recently moved into the sign of Capricorn. As a collective we are experiencing fundamental upheaval and transformation (Pluto) in the structures (Capricorn) of our society.

On a personal level, the energies of the transit impinge directly on us when the planets land on sensitive points in our birth chart such as our Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn, or the angles of our birth chart. In doing so they awaken that particular area of our life and we are invited to cross the threshold door into discovering more about our true nature. For example: for anyone with Venus in the early degrees of the sign of Capricorn, the planet Pluto will be sitting on your Venus right now. Hence the collective experience of transformation and regeneration will impinge on you in a personal way in the area of what you value and find beautiful, as well as how you relate.

So how can we work constructively with the transits?

Firstly, it is helpful to understand the nature of the planetary energies and what they require of us as they impact our birth chart and as they transit/travel in the sky. Planets, like the gods, ask us to work with them in the manner of their energy. In using the example above of the planet Pluto on your Venus, it is helpful to have an understanding of what Venus means to you in your chart. For example, is it in aspect (relationship) to other planets in your chart – maybe it is sitting next to Mars or Mercury? If so, what you value includes action (Mars) or communication (Mercury).

Secondly we need to be open to change, remembering that the purpose of the transits is to assist us with our evolution.

Over the next few editions of the magazine I am going to describe some of the planetary energies which will be transiting (travelling) in the sky over the next four years and how you might work with them overall and particularly if they wake up sensitive points in your natal chart. Like actors on a stage, these planets/gods will come on and off the stage to a greater or lesser degree leading up to 2012.

Introducing the planets Neptune , Chiron and Jupiter as they join forces in Aquarius

The first planets (gods) I am going to introduce are Neptune (Dionysus) and the centaur Chiron, as they have been travelling close together in the sign of Aquarius since 2008, leading up to an exact conjunction in Feb 2010. The planet Jupiter (Zeus) is also going to join them from May to August 2009 when they are almost conjunct (next to each other).

Neptune (Dionysus), as a planet, operates by dissolving that which it comes into contact with which is no longer needed. He belongs to the emotional watery realms of feelings, hopes and dreams, the world of the imagination and spirit. Neptune’s energy is pervasive and yet invisible – somewhat like dissolving a sugar cube in water – there and yet not there. Liz Greene describes Dionysus as spanning “the spiritually sublime world — as well as the mad ecstatic depths.”

In mythology, Chiron was the wounded healer whose father was Saturn, although he was fostered by the Sun god Apollo, who taught him the healing arts. Chiron was also the teacher of the children of the gods. Chiron’s work, as he travels around the sky and touches our individual charts, is to bring to the surface that which is wounded and imperfect, enabling us to find healing through understanding and compassion for others and ourselves.

Jupiter (Zeus) was Neptune’s father in mythology and he will be aligning himself closely to  Neptune and Chiron in the sky in 2009.  Zeus was the king of the gods and resided in the heavens. By transit he expands and inspires that which he comes into contact with.

So what is the impact of these three planets coming so close together over the next year? (All three will be in close proximity of each other from May – August 2009)

Together, Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter form a powerful combination, bringing changes to us as a collective in the areas of life which are connected with the sign of Aquarius. As they meet in this sign the changes we are all facing as a society are in the realms of ideals, ideologies and groups. Whatever is unfair and wounded in our collective is likely to surface. Neptune initially brings a mist of illusion, delusion and confusion. Hence, we may not be clear until the end of this transit where our real wounding lies as a collective. As a society, we are likely to experience a sense of longing for something that feels missing, a yearning for something beyond us, which we can most access through our imagination and our spirituality. The wounding brought about by substance abuse and spiritual practices which are not ethically grounded, are also likely to surface during this time.

As the planet Jupiter joins Neptune and Chiron in the sky, it will expand and enlarge the issues mentioned above. Jupiter also brings the gift of insight, if we listen. Hence, we will be offered the opportunity to gain insights individually and collectively as to what our society needs to help heal our wounds.

Will we all feel these energies in the same way?

The above description is the overall energetic feel for all of us as the planets come together. However, if they land on sensitive points in your birth chart, then these energies will feel more personal to you. For example: if your Sun sign is between 21’ – 29’ Aquarius, you are likely to feel that your sense of identity and vocation is somewhat confused during this time and that your ideals are changing. Similarly, if you have other planets in Aquarius or in the signs of Leo, Taurus or Scorpio.

How can we each work with these energies in a helpful way?

Neptune, Chiron and Jupiter respond well to paying attention to our dreams, making space for creative imaginative activities such as music, painting, writing, daydreaming, etc., engaging with our inner spirituality whatever that may be, staying grounded through connecting with nature, and mostly, having compassion for others and ourselves. Chiron asks us to accept our humanity and teach that which we have learnt along the way.  Neptune invites us into the imaginal and spiritual realms – not as a way to lose ourselves, but as a means to access our unconscious both individually and collectively. In unlocking those energies within us that are tied up to old patterns and complexes, we are freeing ourselves up to continue on our own evolutionary journey.

Our journey will continue in the next edition, as I discuss more of the transits leading up to the 2012 grand cross.

Margaret Gray  MSW Dip. Psych. Astrology
Tel. 085 8144135 (Ireland)
808 782 7953 (Hawaii)
Website: www.astrologypsychological.com

Margaret Gray is a professional Psychological Astrologer with a consultation practice in Ireland, Hawaii and California. She teaches internationally on behalf of the CPA worldwide and independently. Margaret is also the book reviewer for the ISAR journal and a member of the APAI, ISAR and the Astrology Association.
In Ireland Margaret is based at Oscailt integrative Health Centre.

Workshops/talks and seminars

Los Angeles: March 1st 2009 – Discussion day on Pluto in Capricorn with Dr. Doug Davies in Beverly Hills

Dublin:  March  28th and 29th 2009– The ABC to Understanding the Basics of your Natal Chart at Oscailt

Dublin: April 2009 – 2 day experiential workshop: Reconnecting with your Vocation

Dublin: May 2009 –  Evening talk on “Understanding Creativity and Talent  in your birth Chart”

Chicago: Aug 2009 – ISAR conference: Lecture on Finding your Vocation during times of Redundancy and Job loss and changes

Hawaii: retreats and courses in Hawaii to be announced later in the year

Copyright of  Margaret Gray February 2009
No part of this can be reproduced without my written permission

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