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Shamanism & Soul Action at Sanctoir Holistic Centre, Caroline Carey

by Patrick

with Caroline Carey

pl_full_web_page_18_image_0001Have you considered the ‘Action’ of your own ‘Soul’ in this world? Do you ever feel that by working with others and being part of a community you could begin to develop and grow, sharing more of your own natural talents and abilities in our society and with the earth.
Often we become lonely and un-inspired, trying to make things happen on our own. Being part of a like-minded group of people can really help us to create a space for our own individual healing work in order to transform ourselves and our potential.
In 2009, a group will be meeting at the An Sanctoir holistic centre in Ballydehob, West Cork.
An Sanctoir is a beautiful octagonal dance space set in wild Irish countryside. One mile from Ballydehob village, it is very accessible to all amenities. Close to the sea and mountains, it enables a great opportunity to visit the rural Irish Countryside. See www.ansanctoir.ie
There will be four sessions during the year for this group to meet and explore. It will be unusual as we shall be using some very traditional and ancient methods of shamanism to discover a deeper meaning to our spirituality and personal growth. You will discover ways to connect your heart and mind more fully with your moving body. We will use dance and various meditations and work in the beautiful grounds of An Sanctoir, which is 30 acres of un-spoilt countryside.
The course will be part residential as there is a shared house on the land.

I love the work of shamanism when it is rooted and grounded in a down to earth and physical practice. There is nothing fantastical about it.  It is ordinary and strongly connected to nature, to our lives and to all forces. We can expect in this work to discover more about ourselves, our histories and our connection to the planet, as well as the healing that needs to be done here. It is about taking responsibility for all things.

In my own discoveries through my life, I have learnt the way of ‘seeing’ from the point of view of a fascinated, curious mind. When my imagination ran wild, I believed in it.  When I dreamt, I took notice. These are all methods of learning and being taught to be directed by Spirit and by our own hearts and soul. As a child, I danced, and as an adult, I bring into my teachings my own journey work, poetry, dreams, inspirations and life experience. Recently, I spent time in Colombia, South America with a group of Kogi’ people, an indigenous tribe from the Sierra Nevada. This work has influenced my own teachings hugely.

All of this work helps us to bring our lives and experiences into a healing art. It is a route to heal a difficult childhood or any struggle along this life’s path. It is a route to grace, personal freedom, positive action, acceptance and a life long spiritual path.

Caroline is the author of Ms’ Guided Angel, soon to be published.

a blessing for the elements,
in honour of our ancestors
as healing journeys for ourselves
and as a gift for the children

We will dance, heal, party and celebrate!
Expanding into all we can be!

If you would like the adventure of being part of this group please contact
00353 (0) 860531672

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