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by Patrick

millBy Mark Szoldan

My main idea behind Eden’s Original is to bring the best food to Irish People. Living in Ireland, we know that most of the food products and produces have to be imported. They travel a lot to reach the Emerald Island and, to preserve their freshness, most of the time they are picked way before they are ripe. This results in lower-quality food that has less taste and often lacks real micro-nutrients, minerals, vitamins and healthy macro-nutrients. Growing up in Hungary, we knew how rich food can be if it is made with fruits, veggies and crops that have been sunbathing from spring to autumn, with plenty of rain and the first-grade soil available in Europe. No wonder that Hungary was often referred to as the breadbasket of Europe.
We know the food in Hungary is one of the best you can get in Europe, and we want to bring this to the Irish people.

Then we learnt a lot about spelt. Spelt is a lovely, ancient grain that is being rediscovered by health-food gurus and health-conscious people alike. Spelt contains 50% more protein than common wheat, so it is perfect for vegetarians and people who live an active life. It has a low glycemic index (GI), which means that its carbohydrate content is absorbed slower, providing a prolonged source of energy and making it suitable for people with Diabetes. Because its carbohydrates break down slower and it doesn’t raise the blood-sugar level as drastically as refined, processed foods and white flour does, spelt is an excellent supplement for anti-Candida diets. This is all the more true of our Spelt Crispbread because it is unleavened, i.e. it doesn’t contain yeast which the fungus Candida can feed on.

It is naturally high in fibre and contains exceptional vitamin and mineral complexes not found in common wheat: it offers an almost full vitamin B-complex (except B12) and is 7 to 8 times higher in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium than various wheat types.

And as soon as we started to be amazed by the health benefits of Spelt, we suddenly got to know a family artisan bakery at the bank of the River Danube, who produces tasteful spelt crispbreads, biscuits, cookies and other yummy bites using spelt. The Master Baker, who runs the bakery, is a very nice and deeply spiritual man. When he is not working on new ideas in the bakery to make them into a tasteful reality, he spends his time with his teacher in India or Canada. His bakery has many extra features that distinguish their products from others. The bakery itself is a very exciting project as they have their own mill, and the mill and the bakery are built in a way which follows an ancient Roman plan from two thousand years ago. The mill is situated right beside the bakery and is connected to it through a closed pipe system, so the spelt flour is fully protected during processing. What they produce there, including the lovely spelt crispbreads, are literally fresh from the mill, because all are baked within an hour from the grinding of the grains. All our products are handmade and the exceptional quality is ensured through organic certification.
In ancient times, before the discovery of the fermentation process that produces leavened bread as we know it today, prehistoric people took the grains and coarsely ground them and mixed them with liquid (most often water) to make an unleavened cake or “bread”. In other words, this was bread in its original, ancient form.

In this bread, you can find exceptional vitamin complexes and minerals, valuable dietary fibre, lots of real energy from great macro-nutrients, healthy protein, low-GI carbohydrates and healthy fatty acids. There is no yeast, no preservatives; nothing is added to the organic ingredients in this real bread.  It will give you proper nutrition any time of the day.

Since then, we have been happily enjoying the crispbreads they make, and this is what we brought to Ireland first, to share this tastefully healthy experience with you.

If you would like to look at some pictures or you want to learn more about spelt or crispbreads, please visit our website at www.edensoriginal.com

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