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Buddha Bag Meeting: Cuddle Party with Grainne Carr

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Facebook Event Page | The Lantern Centre, Dublin 8 | Thursday July 7th, 8pm

Gráinne Carr is an IAMC (International Association of Mind Coaches) qualified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Life & Business Coach with over 20 years experience. Her passion is to support individual clients and couples in achieving a more confident and centered approach to coping with life’s challenges, growing in self-awareness and acceptance, becoming more resilient and effective in life and relationships.

Grainne runs Cuddle Parties for the general public and she is bringing one of them to the Buddha Bag! These are events that focus on gaining a fundamental understanding of how to be aware of and maintain strong personal boundaries and how to operate from a place of respect for self and others.

Join us on this lovely & cuddly evening!

More about Grainne

Gráinne delivers coaching services training to personal clients, couples & those in the business, therapeutic & education. In addition to the significant experience and expertise gained whilst in business management roles, She has invested in a large variety of training in personal development and life enhancing modalities over the last 15 years, in subjects such as Consent and Boundaries, Mindfulness, Emotion Processing, NLP, Non Violent Communication and Family Constellation Therapy.

About the Cuddle party she says: “At Cuddle Party you may experience an increased sense of well-being and belonging, a boost in compassion and playfulness, a decrease in blood pressure and afterward have a better night’s sleep. Cuddle Party provides an opportunity to meet new friends, connect with partners and pals in a soulful new way and be part of a warm, safe and huggable tribe.”

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