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True Power: Harnessing Your Inner Strength

by Admin

True power has to do with what good or bad you’re creating with the power you have within.

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True power comes from within, they say. It’s hard to see that however, in a moment of disruption. It’s only visible after the fact.
Feelings have a sense of permanence in the moment, so sometimes we feel like they’re going to last forever. However, it’s important to remember this every time you have to pull yourself out of something during these times; think back to a time when you were going through something, even if you’ve had help, you have always been the common denominator in the solution. Even though I’m my own worst critic, I am my own saviour at the end of the day. Every time I have knocked myself down, or been knocked down, I thought I was never going to get up. Actually, I’m feeling that way right now. However, I know that the strength I have simply lies within; it takes time and energy but it’s there when I’m ready to take it.
I’ve had people say to me that I’m strong, even when I didn’t think it about myself. I needed to recognise my strength myself, to see how much power I truly have and that I am blinded to from day to day. Everything I have been through has made me a very resilient person, who I’m proud of.

I guarantee that if we all sat down and listed the things we’ve gone through, and somehow made it through, we would all walk with pride going about our days.
It’s hard when sometimes it feels like you’re creating these problems within yourself (like having anxious thoughts), but with that you have the tricks to pull your power from within. I think true power starts with being proud of who you are.
To me, this means that if everything was taken away from you (all outside factors included), would you be proud of your core self ? Asking these questions isn’t about berating yourself for not being good enough. It simply leaves room for self-reflection and making sure we view ourselves in a loving way. Because, if you’re proud of who you are, even if everything goes wrong in your life you still have a leg to stand on.

I make an effort to make myself proud every day. I think we can be hidden by our accomplishments, or our ranking in society, but true power has nothing to do with that. True power has to do with what good or bad you’re creating with the power you have within. Everyone has different morals, or what they deem to be an honourable person. Get in the habit of asking yourself questions such as:

Are you a strong enough person to stay calm and act with maturity in a fight?
Are you able to admit when you’re wrong?
Are you honest when it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do?

In my opinion, these are the things we should ask ourselves in order to become better and harness that strength from within. We all have a small amount of power over someone or something and I want to make sure I’m doing right by myself and others.

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