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Our autumn issue is out now. We caught up with four of our readers to find out what awareness means to them. Dive on in to find out more…

Spirituality & The City

Inner Peace

Lizzie Eagan

Inner peace is something that I believe waxes and wanes throughout life based on many factors. One factor is environmental; whenever I am in a quiet and calm space, my mind and body are automatically at ease. Feeling grounded and taking the time to meditate also helps me feel tremendously better. Meditating through deep breathing aids me in times of anxiety by anchoring into my body and getting out of my busy mind. In today’s fast-paced world, we are taught to do everything in a hurry which completely disconnects us from our bodies. If we all take even just a few minutes a day to find a quiet space to relax into ourselves, I believe we can experience states of inner peace more frequently.  

Mariana Saad

I understand inner peace as a state of being psychologically and existentially at peace, despite a big amount of anxiety and stress triggers in the environment. What would bring me inner peace is sometimes silence. Silence from social media, from all sorts of interactions, from the speed of everyday life and the pressure of societal expectations. Under this banner, I could mention cutting contact with toxic people who consciously or unconsciously try to steal my piece of mind by their judgment, negativity and envy. I never fully reached inner peace and I don’t know if anyone has, but doing what I love to do instead of what I should do helps me get closer to a form of inner peace. I slowed my lifestyle pace a few years ago, I engage in healthy mind stimulation, such as taking courses in Astrology, Herbalism and Shamanism and this gets me out of my worries and anxiety.  

Nancy Garvin

Inner peace is a concept I have struggled with, fleeting at times – yet I strive to ground myself for a calmer and more meaningful life. Gratefulness, a true sense of self and viewing life through a broader lens are ways in which I find the peace within. I am grateful for what I have – knowing there is a safe place to call home, grateful to be healthy and to have my family. A strong sense of self is important in developing inner peace. Knowing life will be tumultuous at times, but also knowing I can withstand these difficulties with courage, conviction and a sense of clarity. Inner peace is also founded in my belief that life is neither strictly one way nor the other. I have found that being flexible and adapting to unforeseen circumstances can help to bring inner peace. Peace of mind, peace in life and peace of the inner soul form the basis to create an inner serenity.  

Taylor Grimes

Inner peace can be defined as a state of serenity despite the presence of stressors. However, on my own journey of finding inner peace I have realised not only does it have no real definition, it is also more complex than that. I am guilty of falsely claiming to find inner peace in other people and places, believing that my version of inner peace came from outside of myself. It was only when I stripped back that layer and sat with the discomfort of my own company, I realised that internally I lacked peace entirely. I forced myself to stay with this feeling rather than bury it by keeping myself busy. I began to nurture my own energy and discover who I really am, connecting back and healing deep-rooted wounds. Ultimately, I realised inner peace was not as simple as I thought, but rather a lifelong journey of always choosing to come back to yourself.

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