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We hear from people around the city on what Equanimity means to them:

Julian Aragoneses

I have been in the eye of the storm at different stages and ages of my life, like when my mother unexpectedly had a stroke, and what has always allowed me to move forward was the desire to accept the unexpected game of life. It hasn’t been easy at all. I have suffered, lost, and been depressed and distressed, but without ever completely abandoning myself.

With the help of people who have real love for me, the guidance of mentors, and my own drive to survive, I have worked on and achieved what I need to keep living this life. My absolute love of Life has kept me moving forward with a creative urge and dream for something better. There is no single formula, as each person has to find their own ways to maintain balance in this life. For me, my training in the polarity therapy healing work I do and my weekly karate practice have helped a lot. Also, what I see is helpful for everyone is having a firm intention and determination to be a better version of oneself, for oneself and for others

Jamie Delaney

My mother being diagnosed with motor neuron disease during the first lockdown, when everything already felt like it was falling apart, really put me into a spin. Untethered, it was a combination of things that kept me going: family support, physiotherapy and a meditation practice. I was consumed with a feeling of anger and the unfairness of life, but the very fact that I could express my anger and whatever emotion came up let me move through that period. I am not sure which practice helps the most, but I feel having those elements gave me a healthy outlet and means of expression.

Suzi Savanah

July 2023, I was in Hawaii when I got a call from my sister that shattered my world. My mother in Australia had died unexpectedly in a brutal way. I was due to attend a sacred opportunity with cultural leaders around Hilo to learn how all is connected in wisdom, landscape and community. I did not know what to do.

My Kumu (teacher) brought me to the embracing waters of the Pacific Ocean in busy Waikiki. I had grown up in this sea, and it joined me to my mother’s spirit. At sunset, Kumu presented me with an orchid lei. We chanted and sang before sending my mother’s spirit into the sea, gifting the lei to the waves.

Allowing myself to be witnessed in my grief and honouring it with a ritual that incorporated the sand and the sea coming to meet us as we sang, reminded me that everything is indeed connected in spirit and on earth. Love and nature balanced me and gave me strength to see light even in the darkest of times.

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