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Meet Rebecca Campbell

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Hello Positive Lifers, our Autumn 2023 Issue is out now and available in a health shop near you or read online at https://issuu.com/positivelife/docs/positive_life_autumn_23_issuu

Here we have an article from the issue all about the fantastic Rebecca Campbell! 

Rebecca Campbell is a modern day mystic, an intuitive guide and author of some beautiful books such as ‘Rise Sister Rise. Rebecca is a deeply creative soul.

When it comes to guidance and spiritual connection, Rebecca offers so many ways to return to the innate, divine wisdom and guidance within. From podcasts, to courses, workbooks, oracles and her amazing membership portal where she has created all manner of meditations and classes, her spiritual creativity is prolific.

We met with Rebecca recently to hear her take on peace at this moment in her journey. She has just become a mother to her second child, and this initiation into motherhood is a hot topic in her daily life. Modern day mystics are those, such as Rebecca, who weave spirituality into the mundane moments of life and honour the God/dess’s presence in everything and everyone.

When it comes to peace, Rebecca speaks of it as a “constant invitation to empty out all those thoughts in the head and the messages we are bombarded with, to come into that, I would call it, grace space, which is essentially inner peace… A lot of the tools I’ve created over the years are in effort to get to that peace state.”

Nature IS grace space

Nature is Rebecca’s greatest guide, with the rose holding a special place in her heart and her journey through life. In nature, she says, “we hear our intuition so much more loudly…because I believe that nature doesn’t have a past or a future… so I think nature invites me into the present moment which is the only place peace exists.”

Perfection IS distraction

One of the biggest U-turns away from ‘the peace state’ we can take, is striving for perfection. Again, nature shows us the way out.

“Nature holds beauty so well… if you think of a rose, it’s so beautiful in full bloom, but it’s also beautiful when it releases it petals. It’s also beautiful when it’s the bud. And I think that’s what Nature does; it doesn’t try to be in that state of perfection the whole time.”

“I think Nature has all the answers…the rose is not fearful of releasing its petals to the wind, to the winter soil, in order to bear fruit, in order to bud and bloom…”

Peace and motherhood

“Peace and motherhood…what a syllabus! Talk about a spiritual lesson!”

When a woman becomes a mother, everything she does with her child will echo generations down the line. All she has not healed will be handed on for healing and all she has healed will bring light to the journey of her descendants.

“We have been living in a patriarchal world for a long time and we are coming back into balance… From my soul perspective I incarnated into an ancestral line that has a lot of trauma around certain things that I think was a match for my soul and what it wanted to express, move through and clear… and the bodies we are born into can help us do that.”

Life is a lesson and peace might not always show up on the syllabus, but Rebecca does have some go-to tools that she uses as practices to cultivate peace.

“Intuitive nature walking – essentially nature walking, connecting with the land – it’s a conscious being.. and being like lead me, guide me’. Notice what season it is and essentially connect with the consciousness of nature through walking in nature.”

“Journaling is my number one go-to, particularly if it’s the mind racing.”

“…the rose is not fearful of releasing its petals to the wind, to the winter soil”

Get to know Rebecca

Rebecca is working on a new book, a new ancient stones oracle, a Rise Sister Rise course. In the meantime, I highly recommend checking out her new website, podcast and her ‘get to know me’ freebies! We absolutely adore her.


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