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Our Autumn 2023 Issue is available now both in a health shop nearest you and online at https://issuu.com/positivelife/docs/positive_life_autumn_23_issuu

Here we have an article all about the powerful benefits of ice baths, enjoy! 

As more and more health influencers, celebrities, athletes and trainers endorse using ice baths to improve health and fitness, you might also be warming up to this daunting idea. Immersing yourself in ice-cold water has many advantages, especially for those who exercise or compete in sports.

According to Elizabeth Gardner, MD, Yale Medicine sports medicine doctor and Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Yale School of Medicine, “Plunging a single limb or the entire bodv into a tub of cold water for 1-3 minutes is becoming an increasingly popular ritual for athletes as well as hard-core exercisers.”

Ice baths, or even an ice-cold shower, have been shown to help improve mental health, happiness and concentration.

The main reason is that they make the body feel fantastic, and as Gardner says, “cold immersion may be a balm to aching, burning muscles after a hard workout.” You’re also laying the groundwork for future success by allowing your body to heal, making you more prepared for your next workout.

Though the Sturdy Ice Bath is ideal for athletes, football and rugby club members and other organisation members, it can benefit just about anyone. Ice baths, or even an ice-cold shower, have been shown to help improve mental health, happiness and concentration, fostering an overall positive attitude and sense of well-being.

The long-lasting and durable Ice Bath from Sturdy Products makes these benefits accessible to everyone from home. There are handles on the sides of the container that act as stability aids when entering and exiting the Ice Bath, and a brass connector at the base of the bath for easy filling and draining. The compact size allows a large person to fit into the tub, yet it only requires around 250 litres to fill.




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