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Our Autumn 2023 Issue Hits the Shelves

by Admin

Well Positive Lifers, as the nights get darker and the air gets colder we are back with our Autumn 2023 issue! The magazine is live now and will be available in a health shop nearest you. 

The theme of this issue is Inner Peace. This vast topic is dissected to find out what Inner Peace really is, how it manifests in our lives, and how we can find more of it!

We hear from those around the city to gain a diverse insight into Inner Peace. Anna Cole discusses finding Inner Peace in parenting and how to trust your choices moment to moment. We also have some much needed practical advice from Sandy C. Newbigging on how to practice peace in our everyday lives.

This issues cover is the Gut Microbiome, which is the ‘physical counterpart to inner peace’. We hear from Donna Schwenk on this unique topic to find out all about bacteria, gut health, how to heal it, and how it can change your life! This is an incredibly interesting topic that we are delighted to share in this issue, especially as we come to the introspective months of the year.

Some other noteable highlights in our Autumn issue include learning incredible Autumn Recipes from Gaby Wieland, ‘returning to light’ through Ancestral Healing by Sarah Richardson, and meeting the world renowned writer, mystic, poet, mother, channel, and creative, Rebecca Campbell.

Pick up a copy of the Autumn 2023 issue, curl up with a hot drink, and enjoy!

We hope you love this issue just as much as we loved creating it!


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