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Spirituality and the City – Autumn 2009

by Patrick

“What gets you out of bed in the morning?”

keshet-zurKeshet Zur


Curiosity.  The desire to see what is out there. Experiencing the day and all it holds. My love of people, friends, strangers and family, and all the possibilities that come alive when we join forces. The unknown.  The sense of adventure that everyday holds. I love planning and dreaming, but I’m open to the day and to changing my route. Experiencing all the possibilities within my self, the circle of emotions.  The five senses: tasting the day, seeing the day, smelling the day, touching the day and hearing the day. Using them all to dance the day into the next day with joy, growth, love, and whatever the day brings to me.

Sustainable Spiritual Health CareDanny Scahill

Chiropractor & DJ

There are two things that get me out of bed in the morning: my passion to help people get healthy and my love of music. I’m a Chiropractor working at Fitzwilliam Health, and I’m also a DJ & Producer. As a Chiropractor, I love to help people move from a place of poor health to optimal health. I get great satisfaction seeing people’s lives change before my eyes! I regularly do Health Workshops and Seminars in Dublin, with my aim being to wake people up to taking responsibility for their own health. My other passion is my love of music, Dance music in particular. I have loved dance music since I was a child. Whenever I listen to my favourite tunes, it makes me feel so good, and I’m a great believer in doing whatever makes you feel good, because when you do, you attract into your life more things to be grateful for.

laura-rinnankosiLaura Rinnankoski

Life Coach

Love, gratitude, and the endless possibilities in life – that is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I think to myself, “What am I grateful for today, and how can I make those feelings grow?” I also look forward to all the new experiences and possibilities that a new day brings. Right now I am embracing all the changes and the uncertainty in my life, and I know that many people are experiencing similar changes in their lives. I keep reminding myself of something that Deepak Chopra says, “In the uncertainty lies all the possibilities“. Love and gratitude are incredibly strong feelings.  You can literally change your whole life if you look at all situations with love and gratitude; even the ones that you may perceive as being difficult. I usually meditate in the morning, and think about all the things that I’m grateful for.  It’s a lovely way to start the day…with an attitude of gratitude.

max-leoneMax Leone

Life Coach / Workshop Organizer

Every morning, I can’t wait to get out of bed to observe passions being expressed, in any form, by other people and myself.  Life is a spiritual experience and it couldn’t be otherwise, but what really inspires me is the pursuit of a passion that is the way through which human beings have an actual experience, and become one with their spirituality. For some people, it’s playing tennis, helping others, loving another person, creating a business or simply enjoying a moment of communion with their friends or children. The activity itself is totally irrelevant, it’s the way we feel while we are involved in it that makes it meaningful. Every time we lose track of time and forget about what’s happening around us, every time we get totally immersed to the extent that we forget to sleep, to rest, to eat, and we just breath it in, we are one with it.

Sustainable Spiritual Health CarePhilomena Fitzpatrick

Actor / Singer

Pure Excitement. A bowl of cornflakes with Manuka honey (yum yum!). New experiences.
Meeting old friends. Laughing with new ones. An urgent need to pee; to evolve creatively; to make music; to have a lovely stretch; to believe in myself more; challenge myself; to cherish the lovely people in my life; treat someone to breakfast in bed; treat myself to breakfast in bed. To dare to begin something I have always wanted.  Knowing all the good things the world has to offer. Knowing all the good things I have to offer the world. Singing (fa la la). Yummy food. To learn and gain knowledge.  Knowing the everyday possibility of having an adventure. Learning more about myself. The numerous opportunities I have in front of me. To be there for friends. Sharing and absorbing experiences, cultures, traditions, wine, chocolate, jokes and funny stories! Plans for the future. Relishing the past. Joy and Faith in God.

Sustainable Spiritual Health CareRichard Stone

Chanting & Movement Facilitator

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the fact that life is becoming increasingly more enjoyable for me with each day that passes, so I look forward to experiencing the new and unexpected things the day brings! My life is very busy at the moment, growing in areas that are really fulfilling for me: increasing amounts of playing music, creativity, connections with new people and deeper truths. I have also just moved house to be closer to the sea, and I really love where I’m living now. The universe is flowing along beautifully, and the more I
accept that, allowing it to be perfect just as it is, regardless of my preferences, the more life becomes easeful, joyful and funny to me, and the most amazing wish-fulfilling synchronicities
happen with no effort. I have the most loving, beautiful and supportive spiritual friends, and there is so much positive transformation happening daily, that shows me this planet is clearly the place to be! So I’m glad we’re all here for the party of life!

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