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Our spring issue is out now! The theme is Freedom. Abby Wynne, Enda Mary, Danielle Vierling, Veronica Larsson, Lizzie Eagan, Anthony Sharkey, and Edgar Matuzevics share what Freedom means to them— Dive on in!

Spirituality & The City


Abby Wynne

Freedom means not being told what to do, what to put into your body, who to love, what to like, and what to think. Freedom is space to explore, create, to follow your heart, to do what you love.

Each of us is unique and has talents and passions which lead us to our full empowered potential. We forget how powerful we are when constrained in a system that takes an adult and treats them like a child, with ridiculous rules and restrictions that clip our wings and stop us from growing into who we truly are.

When we live a wholehearted, authentic life, we naturally treat the other with respect and compassion, and create a world where responsibility is nothing to be afraid of, where adults can agree to disagree, and where children are cherished and loved above all things. To be free is to thrive.

Enda Mary

The meaning of freedom for me has taken on a whole new exploratory direction because of Covid. It’s only when the freedom we cherish so dearly comes under threat, that we realise how essential it is for living a joyful, inspired, healthy life. The silver lining and blessing has been that because of Covid, so many of us have become more aware of how certain elements of our governing systems are not endorsing a future vision of freedom for us.

A major shift is currently underway in the world. Our positive impact comes from our willingness to be more self responsible in all aspects of our lives. The reality we want to co-create is decided on by the people, as it is us who hold the true fundamental power. We tend to forget this!

Advances in technology are amazing, yet we do not need it to save us. In a lot of ways, technology, instead of empowering us, is making us more dependent and less resilient. As spiritual beings, we have an instantaneous connection to the field of awareness. Through the simple art of divination, ask ourselves, moment per moment, what is the aligned action I can take? What benefits my community and my world? Seeking out how I can contribute to manifesting the world we have come here to co-create during this time of awakening. It is incumbent that we act, not just for the betterment of our own lives, but for future generations who rely on us to do so. Action often involves us facing our fears. Expansion into the fullness of who we are is what we are here to do. It may feel uncomfortable at times, however, each action we make today plays a part in determining the level of freedom our children will have tomorrow.

Danielle Vierling

Freedom is being my most authentic, unhinged, limitless self. It is the complete liberation from all my past conditioning, stories and beliefs about myself that kept me in a state of limitation.

To free oneself from whatever inhibitions and insecurities have held one back takes courage and fearlessness.

During the first half of my life, I denied my own freedom by putting my focus on the needs, demands and opinions of others more than on my own innermost needs and desires. For example, I used to criticise the men in my life for valuing freedom over commitment in a relationship. With time, I realised that these men mirrored back my own suppressed desire for freedom. I now own freedom as a celebration of my true soul self. Freeing myself also allows me to appreciate others more in their true, raw and honest expressions of self.

Veronica Larsson

Freedom is 100% Self-Response-ability. We are born alive and free. The veil between spirit and matter has lifted, and what comes to pass in practical reality comes to pass in Spirit. Only our Self can make the choice to create now a new earth kingdom of heaven here and now; in a cause and effect universe there is nowhere else to get to.

We are in a time of reclamation and restoration of our own Soul through every offer to contract with either the dead or the living. Freedom comes with the willingness to look at and give up the beliefs, the comforts, the fears and the benefits that are shackles of our own making. Terrifying? Easier then, to remain chained through addiction to drama, escapism and victimhood and complain like infants about faulty parental governance?

So unconscious are our indoctrinated fundamental belief systems and participation from birth in the separatist machinations in the world, that our minds are almost incapable of conceiving what real freedom means and looks like in practical reality. Freedom comes with knowledge of how reality functions and society operates, under the laws of creation, and taking responsibility for our own choices and actions with this knowledge. Our God-given freedom is inherent in our given name.

Lizzie Eagan

Freedom, to me, is the internal peace that comes from trusting that everything is always working out the way it should. This allows me to release resistance and fear from uncertainty when tumultuous experiences inevitably show up throughout life.

Shifting my perspective to truly understanding that everything is temporary (the bliss and pain) has brought a level of comfort to me that allows me to feel liberated. Freedom is being present in the moment and connecting to my body by living intentionally.

Many people search for freedom outside themselves but are rarely ever fulfilled. This is because the true essence of experiencing freedom must start from within.

Once I began giving compassion to the parts of myself I didn’t love, I noticed them integrating harmoniously with my light side; this resulted in wholeness within.

A state of freedom is a lifelong journey that I believe we will all try to master in this lifetime; having compassion for yourself is the first step to setting yourself free.

Anthony Sharkey

To me, Freedom is an ongoing practice.
It’s a skill base which I’ve been blessed to learn.
I am free each moment I pull my energy back from any sad story about my past.
I am free each moment I don’t react in a dull habitual way to the precious people and
places I have the honour of sharing this life with.
I am free each moment I discipline my body to do what it doesn’t want to do.
I am free each moment I dwell in the dimensionless quantum field.
I am free each moment I say no to what doesn’t feel right for me.
I am free each moment I shift my energy from fear into love.
I am free each moment I express my love.
I am free each moment I choose to feel joy, happiness and abundance.
To quote Neichze, “the Free man (or woman) is a warrior.”
Practising Freedom is practising the state of being a warrior.

Edgar Matuzevics

To be free is to be in love with life, but most importantly, it also means to hold responsibility for everything you say or do. To be free means to speak one’s own mind and stand against injustice and inhuman laws.

All these things require enormous courage as well, but that’s what makes us human and not just machines following algorithms. And we are not slaves who are afraid to speak up and are waiting for someone to save us. We save ourselves, we choose how to react in any given circumstances, and that is the last human freedom that no one can take it away from you. So be brave and be free, my friend.

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