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Our Winter 2023 Issue is out now! We hear from some people around the city on their experiences with True Power, to read the full article, pick up a copy of the magazine in a health shop near you.

Ed Greenwood & Louise Delaney
True power for us is when we’re in the flow. It’s when our intuition and feeling of being held by a greater force is a visceral thing. We feel the energy moving through us in waves, and we know that we are working with true power.
Ed: What comes to mind for me was my decision to move
to Ireland at 55. I left my entire life behind – all my material possessions and all parts of my previous life. I was held by a powerful force, and I knew in my heart I was doing the right thing. This feeling gave me the courage and confidence to let go, let my life unfold and have faith. Ten years later, I now know that the reason I moved to Ireland was to meet Louise, fall in love and build a new life.
Louise: I feel true power every time I connect with my guides, AMU. Their energy is “power with” not “power over”. They work with and through me and I feel myself being held by true power.

Abi Beri
At 21, I was unjustly accused of a grave crime, facing potential life imprisonment. Overwhelmed by powerlessness and confusion, I desperately sought relief in external aids, yet nothing eased my turmoil. In a moment of sheer despair, I turned to a heartfelt prayer, seeking solace from the divine. That night, I experienced an unexplainable shift, a profound sense of peace amidst the chaos. Against all odds, miraculous events unfolded, leading
to my exoneration. This ordeal unveiled an unexpected resilience within me—a strength that not only surprised but also sustained me through the darkest times. It was a pivotal awakening to the profound resilience and power residing deep within, a realisation that reshaped my understanding of life’s trials. This journey, though harrowing, nurtured a closer bond with the divine and taught me the unseen purposes in life’s challenges, revealing the hidden strengths we all possess.

Polly Barrett
I think the only time I’ve felt true power has been during a soap-opera-esque moment when I decided to end my relationship with the father of my child. I had felt trapped by duty and and fear of being alone with a child. But when I realised mine and my son’s happiness were worth taking a chance on, I knew I had to be brave and make a decision that would turn several lives upside down and make me a few enemies. I remember that moment when I made the decision silently in my own head, nobody knew I had done it, nobody knew what was coming. But the camel’s back had been broken and I suddenly held all this power and strength in my heart to do something about it. It was the calm before the storm. That took true courage and strength and ultimately was the best decision for everyone.

To read more from around the city, pick up the Winter 2023 Issue now!

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