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Healing Centred – Alternative Medicine & Holistic Therapies

by Patrick

Thankfully, centres for holistic healing are becoming increasingly widespread here in Ireland, but if it wasn’t for the few visionaries who originally created these safe spaces where people could come to relax and recover, the people setting them up today may have had a tougher time of it.

Here, we speak to some of the established and some of the blossoming, and let them share their stories with you.

Chrysalis Holistic Centre


Set in the heart of rural West Wicklow, the Chrysalis Centre this year celebrates 21 years in existence. Founded by Ann Maria Dunne it has served seekers of all traditions, backgrounds and interests down through the years. In providing a meeting place for like-minded people, Chrysalis has offered sanctuary and renewal and encouraged wellness of mind, body and spirit. It has extended an invitation to its guests to take quality time out for reflection and to refocus on what’s important in their lives through their participation in its diverse programme of workshops and retreats.

If asked why we do what we do, it’s for the pure joy of witnessing transformation at work. We do our best to offer you the riches of potential. The jewels of inner freedom, spiritual exploration, connection with others, stillness and fun! Sure, we could sing our praises about the quality of workshops (high), the food (seconds please) and the gardens (heaven!) but there’s a spirit at and around Chrysalis which we have no words for; a simple one which sends out a beam that shines a clear light of positive intention into a sometimes confusing world.

People come here for lots of reasons whether its to learn a skill like vegetarian cooking or dowsing, space clearing, dream analysis or creative writing. Perhaps its simply to experience the benefits and wellbeing of relaxation, and appreciate the simple things in life. Others come to explore practises like non-violent communication, dance, movement and breathwork. We like to think that in a spirit of co-operation and service, we can help make a difference in people’s lives and make our contribution to the ever-evolving growth of consciousness on the planet at this time.

Tel: 045 404713


The Holistic Therapy Centre


As Hippocrates once said, “Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease.” Armed with this belief and courage in her convictions, Eileen Clair founded the Holistic Therapy Centre in 1993 and has been a leading figure in Irish holistic therapy ever since.

Eileen has been working with alternative therapies for over twenty years. She is qualified in holistic dietetics, aromatherapy, reflexology, bio-resonance medicine and complex homeopathy. In addition, she is a member of the Irish Health Culture Association and a founder member and director of the Institute of Complex Homeopathy of Ireland. Always innovative, and with years of experience of working with the Philosophies of Louise Hay, Eileen trained as a Heal Your Life® Workshop Leader. She was the first to bring Heal Your Life® teacher training to Ireland. She continues to organise and assist teacher training in this country as well as conducting her own workshops and offering Heal Your Life® coaching at the centre.

Located outside Kilrush on the Kilkee Road, The Holistic Therapy Centre is a haven for body, mind and soul. It welcomes you with a wide range of treatments and therapies to support you and the health of your whole being. Therapies include assessment and learning support for children with Learning Difficulties. Eileen sees this as a growing field as she believes that self-esteem for children is an essential part of their education. She hopes to hold the first Heal Your Life® Workshop for Teenagers at the centre in September and, based on the interest in this, expects to hold many more.

“We value all our customers very highly – our time and energy is yours. Many customers travel great distances and bring their families to us for treatment.” Most of their customers hear about them through word of mouth – a source of great pride to Eileen (and staff) and testament to the success of The Holistic Therapy Centre.

Tel: 065 9052239


The Indigo Holistic Healing Centre


As I say very often to colleagues, friends and clients, I am an Eternal Student at the University of Life, a study which began many years ago. Even as a child I was curious, questioning and challenging but somehow even then I was manifesting many of my experiences. I still have a school project, from when I was 13 years old, detailing how I was going to be a Garda and an Air Hostess, two careers which I subsequently enjoyed.

As a result of personal trauma, due to experiencing four miscarriages, I discovered deep energy healing in Reiki/Seichem, which helped me to release the grief and loss which was trapped in my body. The healing was immense and elevated my Spirit to greater needs and desires, which eventually led me to The Chopra Centre in America, where I became a yoga instructor in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga and a Primordial Sound Mediation instructor, aged 45 years.

I feel humbled and excited to learn this ancient wisdom, to incorporate it into my life and hopefully reach others with this ‘Forgotten knowledge’.

The Indigo centre was created in November 2009 and is growing all the time. It is a coming together of many therapists, teachers and facilitators, assisting and empowering man, woman and child on their respective journeys.

A huge void was filled in me when my son Finn was born four and a half years ago. It was a magnificent, Spiritual experience connecting with this miracle of life, which to this day I cherish and value. Finn is a huge part of my inspiration to live more consciously, leading to a fuller experience. I want Finn and all children to understand as they grow up that answers lie within, to look less outside the self and realize the pure potential of their own essence.

My hope for the future is to continue improving the facilities and services at Indigo, honouring the overall needs of the community.

Tel: 093 70150


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