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A Message From Deva & Miten

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A message from Deva & Miten

Sing your prayers in cosmic circle

By Alison McEvoy

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From Ashram to Ireland

“We love Ireland. Miten’s family hail from county cork. It’s like a homecoming for Miten and, because we are so close, it feels like that to me too!” says Deva.

“We never began this journey into music with the idea of attempting to be successful in the ‘music business’. Our music was born in an ashram – it’s our spiritual practice. From day one we have sung our prayers…whether people are there, or not. It just happened that we caught a wave where people began to want something more than just entertainment…and they found us. Years later they gave us a Grammy nomination. Ironic, don’t you think!?” (Miten)

Musical release

I, for one, await the moment when I’ll share a room with Deva, Miten, their musicians and a crowd of heartfelt voices again this summer at the RDS concert hall. The mantras they share seems to scan my energy body for feelings that my heart hasn’t felt ready, or strong enough, to feel. The music softens my heart, melts the walls of ‘protection’ and allows those feelings find their way back home to my heart, for feeling and release. As Miten notes, I’m not alone in that experience either;

“We are the messengers of a five thousand year old tradition. Mantras have no emotional content – there are no tear jerkers or anthems in them…and yet, we see people shedding tears of release as they experience the mantras unfold.”

“Our gatherings – they are full of love, humour and a deep dive into godliness – brought on by the power of ancient healing sounds, created thousands of years ago when the science of the times was exploring how sound affects the body/mind organism.”

“Our invitation to our audiences (friends) is to enjoy the silence that follows a mantra…as opposed to filling it with the social obligatory sound of whooping and cheering and clapping (that may happen, and if it does it’s a spontaneous outpouring that always leads back into a communal silence)….that’s what happens when we don’t include the noise of hand claps; a moment of communal and individual ‘off-the-hookness a burden being lifted – a communal out-breath.”

Get Mantra ready

“OM Shanti OM is for universal peace which, of course, begins at home – in the heart. Chant it 108 times every night before sleeping to bring a sense of inner peace and resolve.”

Also, “the Gayatri mantra is the cornerstone to what we share. Deva was born to the sounds of her father chanting it at her birth – i doubt her mother joined in at that point, but for the first 11 years of her life she was taught to chant it as a bed time song. Bless her parents for that.”

“Miten, as a contrast, was exposed to the pop songs of the day – bye bye blackbird being a big fave – which his mother, God bless her, sang in the pubs that her and her husband managed in and around London town.”

Join the Cosmic Circle this June 24th

“These’s nothing more equalizing that sitting in a theatre and feeling you’re part of a cosmic circle; no audience – no performers (hence, no reason to clap). Simply, a community of like minded souls who have come to sing their prayers.”

“We teach deep breathing, which is an antidote to fear and panic. To sing is essential for humans, a forgotten practice that seems to be on the rise thank god..for Deva and I it is our tantric practice, but that’s another thing, for another day.”

With love from us both.

miten and deva



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