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The Inherent Divine with Paul Selig

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The Inherent Divine


Interviewer: Paul Congdon  Interviewee: Paul Selig
By Persephone Kianka

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“The deepest level of awareness is the inherent divine,” according to the guides of Paul Selig, a conscious channel and award-winning author living in Maui. While Paul doesn’t care about labels, his guides have shared that their energy is called “the Word”, which means “the energy of the creator in action.” Acting as a radio through which these higher beings can speak, Paul cares about the truth of the teaching and the value it brings to people.


“The guides say that everything that we see we’re in vibrational accord with,” he told us, so it is our job, as individual creators contributing to the collective, to “transpose” everything to a “higher octave”. Humans tend to label everything as good or bad, right or wrong, but the guides insist that everything is of the same divinity. To explain such concepts, they often use musical vocabulary: “You can sing any song in any octave into infinity, even beyond what you can imagine can be sung.” Whether you sing it in a higher or lower octave, it’s still the same song. Everything on this planet, whether deemed good or evil, is of the same source, though this can be hard for some people to accept.


Paul’s guides define the primary problem of our species as “the denial of the divine.” Earlier in his life, when reading twelve-step literature, he came across a line that enforces this idea: “God is everything, or God is nothing. What’s our choice to be?” Though baffled initially, Paul began to understand that God is not a platitude but “the realisation of the inherent divine where it has been denied.” It is similar to the idea that it is never the thing itself that is the problem but our thoughts about it.

“When you say God cannot be, you’re actually reinforcing the very thing that you don’t want. To bring the light to the thing that’s held in most darkness is to transpose it or to clear it.” Though we can learn from painful experiences or our collective mistakes, for example, realising the futility of war through killing, there are other ways to learn, which the guides are teaching. We can change any situation by changing our thoughts about it, and the guides encourage us to do this by recognising the inherent divinity in everything. “We can transform our reality through the awareness of what is, they say, always true,” Paul remarked.


When asked what we’re all doing here, Paul shared his understanding that the soul comes to earth with lessons that it requires for its experiential growth. “The guides say our problem is that we’ve mistaken who we really are with what they call the personality structure.” When he struggled in his youth, they told him: “Freedom comes when the throne relinquishes its king.” In other words, we must be mindful of what aspect of us is running the show. While many people in the spiritual community compare life to a video game, Paul views it instead as an opportunity to have a higher experience of who we really are.

“You can’t be a victim and a master at the same time,” the guides have told him.


Nowadays, many people frame the current state of our world as chaotic, but from a higher perspective, this is not the case. Paul acknowledged that we’ve been trying to sweep our problems under the rug for a very long time, and now that it’s all finally coming to the surface, we perceive it as chaos. It’s really a time of significant change and healing, as “nothing really gets healed or reseen until it’s seen”. The world is finally in the process of reclaiming its divinity after millennia of casting things into darkness. “If you know you’re in a ship that’s at sea and it’s rocking back and forth and you understand the nature of the storm, sometimes it’s easier to make it through instead of just jumping ship and trying to swim back to the known. I don’t think we get to swim back to the known; I don’t think we go back to the way things were,” he said.

Though collective shift is a positive thing, it can feel uncomfortable. According to Paul’s guides, this transition will take several generations to come to fruition, so we have no choice but to get comfortable with that discomfort.


Paul shared, “So much of our experience is about how we invest meaning in things,” which is mainly determined by historical data. The guides say that “because our experience on this plane has been informed by a false belief in separation […] every memory we have is actually faulty.” We don’t even realise how much of what we think has been programmed by the past, and that’s why it’s crucial to tap into knowing rather than thinking. While thinking is not wrong, it is not a reliable way to find the truth. Paul explained an easy way to discern whether you know or think: “When you truly know something, there’s never a question attached.”


“Christ consciousness, which is basically what they call the upper room”, is the level of strata from which the guides teach. It is also available for us, and when we begin to operate at that level, many unnecessary things start to fall away, such as judgment of self and others.

If you want to access this truth, join us for our upcoming event, “The Upper Room”- A Channeled Evening with Paul Selig.

Paul admitted that he never quite knows what will happen at these events because, through him, the guides speak on whatever they want, which is generally what the people present require.

In the lovely Irishtown Gospel Hall & Chapel of Ease on July 9th, Paul will bring this intimate and powerful channelled workshop to Ireland for the first time.

Through lectures, attunements, Q&A and energy work, he and his guides will bring you on a remarkable journey of self-development, allowing you to reach new heights of alignment, healing and life purpose.



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