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Stay On The Side Of Light

by Alison McEvoy

Our spring issue is out now. Editor Alison McEvoy spoke with acclaimed transformational teacher Lee Harris who explains the necessity of staying in our heart energy at this time. Dive on in to learn more…

Stay On The Side Of Light

Lee Harris’ Life Lessons

 by Alison McEvoy

Lee Harris, intuitive guide, channeler, teacher and speaker, exudes a warmth and a calm that allows you to settle yourself into the centre of the heart. Not long ago we spoke to Lee Harris and he had some very interesting things to say about the vital importance of this inner journey, back to the heart.


The Z’s, as Lee calls the beings he channels, recently sent a message to help us wake up to the shaping and making of the 3D human world we are in.

For a long time, there has been an “agenda” operating from unseen realms that aims to create division among human beings, through what they call ‘The Fear Story’.

“They said…you’re living in a time of energetic war. There is a war taking place and it is more energetic in nature…there is a war between dark and light right now… In much the same way that 95 percent of humans want connection, togetherness, benevolence, there’s a small 5 percent who, either because of their wounds or their wiring, are here to disrupt…to work for lower vibrations or lower agendas. So either they’re living in fear or they’re trying to get everyone else to live in fear.”


Lee speaks of how many of us in the spiritual community feel our only tool is “love and light”. I myself remember such a time, and it went on for a long time, resulting in huge losses of energy, faith and trust in myself. The love and light brigade might want to put out every fire, heal every wound, help every soul but in fact there are some which are not aligning with the choice to heal, to help, to love.

“I don’t believe that [we are just supposed to be love and light],” Lee explains. “There are certain people who it wouldn’t be safe for you to be love and light to…who don’t necessarily deserve you sending a ton of love and light to them because of the way they’re behaving to you.”


When we go into fear we lose our senses; “we lose our human power,” says Lee. We are cut off from intuition, our inner guidance. From this state it is easy to become divided, to go into conflict with others.

An indication that you or another are gripped by the fear story, living in the energy of division and conflict, is when other experiences, opinions, feelings are not accepted and instead become fodder for conflict.

“The people in the fear story, they are being asked to leave unity, multidimensionality, oneness. We need to be able to respect how someone else is experiencing something, and vice versa, for them to be able to respect how you’re experiencing something. To be able to go ‘Oh wow, it’s completely different for me. This is what I’m experiencing.’”

“Whenever you can, without being combative or trying to change someone’s mind about their truth, be honest about what you’re noticing, feeling or seeing. Or perhaps the questions you have about what you’re seeing.”


“You can’t be taken down or taken under if you stay in your heart energy as a human being,” says Lee. If you get pulled into conflict, you can turn back to the heart at any time you are ready. You just need to know how to do that for yourself.

“Anything that resets you or gets you back in your heart becomes really vital in a time like this.”


Self inquiry prompts:

1. What incidents, people, opportunities might be trying to get you out of your heart?

2. What people or events might it not be appropriate for you to give ‘love and light’ to?

3. What people, places, activities, things… allow you to settle back into the heart centre, the soft centre in you?



Lee will be appearing for the first time in Ireland in person, at Positive Nights, 26th July in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. Tickets: positivelife.ie


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