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by Patrick

By Dr Lars Lindmark

“Life is a continuous building process.” ~ Are Waerland

Instead of “life” you can put health, giving this quote a more relevant meaning. Already at birth, some foundation is laid for future health. More important, however, is your lifestyle from childhood into adult life. Your body is like a very sophisticated car. It needs the best possible fuel and maintenance. All cells in your body need building blocks and fuel to reach the fullness of health.

Important new research of omega-3 fatty acids in the diet or as a daily supplement clearly demonstrates how one can get a healthy heart and brain.

A healthy heart is crucial for optimal health. Without proper heart function, the cells of the body risk a lack of oxygen and essential nutrients. Without proper nutrients and care, your brain will not function in an optimal way. This will typically be experienced as fatigue and a general lack of health. The good news is that there are simple ways to look after your heart and brain.

1: Get a regular, proper and balanced diet combined with some level of physical activity. With lower physical activity you have to more carefully look after what and how much you eat.

2: Make sure you get enough omega-3 fatty acids, preferably from a fish source, and vitamin D in your diet or as an additional daily supplement.

During the past 100 years, we have decreased our dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids by more than 80%. This means that your body may not be getting an optimal intake for a healthy heart and brain.

Elevated triglycerides being a heart risk factor is today a scientifically established fact, but did you know it is more important for women?

Omega-3 fats can greatly reduce the unhealthy triglycerides. Several Swedish studies support the fact that natural stable fish oil lowers triglycerides more efficiently or as good as any other medication.

The importance of omega-3 for a healthy heart, especially in women, has been fully recognized by the recent recommendations of the American Heart Association. 500mg of omega-3 per day is recommended as a preventive strategy for good heart health. This intake can be increased to 1000mg or more on an individual basis.

The effect of fish oil in menopausal women taking estrogen medication is particularly effective and interesting. Here an additional intake of omega-3 helps give an improved hormonal balance, improved stress resistance and less inflammation. Omega-3 intake will provide more elastic cell membranes which will help to maintain healthy cells under stress of inflammation or imbalance. These benefits will occur in all cells, explaining why the administration of fish oil has beneficial effects on such diverse organs as the brain, heart, breast, joints, blood vessels and skin.

You have maybe heard before that eating fish is good for your brain. New studies show that a sufficient intake of omega-3 is important for a healthy brain, mainly related to mood and mental capacity.

For fish oil to provide a good result, it is important that at least three criteria are met:

1: A fish oil should be free from environmental toxins and pollutants. However, in a purification process most of the natural antioxidants from fish oil are lost. This means that the oil is more susceptible to oxidization and to becoming rancid.

2: Fish oil should be restored, after purification, with a group of natural antioxidants to keep it stable both in the bottle and in the body. Natural, stable fish oil with a restored mixture of natural antioxidants shows an excellent stability when exposed to air for up to 200 days.

3: Fish oil should be as natural as possible. During the concentration processes, valuable fatty acids and antioxidants are lost.

A good example of a natural and stable fish oil is Eskimo-3â.

The message to take home is that your heart and brain health can dramatically improve with a better lifestyle and use of more omega-3 fatty acids in the diet. Simply, put back what has been missing.

Dr Lindmark will be speaking at the Rude Health Show at 2pm on September 11th and 12th
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