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My Favourite Things – Kim Mc Cafferty

by Patrick

Name: Kim Mc Cafferty

Occupation: Teacher / Dancer / Chancer

Book – El Libro de los Abrazos by Eduardo Galeano. “The Book of Embraces”. Beautiful, mad tales and drawings by this amazing Uruguayan author and journalist.
Film – La Bataille d’Alger (Gillo Pontecorvo, 1966). Incredible true story with the real leaders of the revolution starring as themselves, and really sweet scenes of the ingenuity and community spirit of the people of Algiers who triumph in the face of oppression (and a cool soundtrack too).
Music – 27B. Guaranteed to make me dance. An Irish group making really great music.
Food – Irish Curly Kale dressed in extra virgin olive oil, sea salt & pepper and briefly oven baked. Or a million Sharonfruits.
Venue – The Gonzo Theatre, Cavan – a really cool and innovative space dedicated to airing new and unique performance ideas.
Event – Earthsong / Dance and Movement Camp. I arrange my year around this event each year.
Destination – Any beach covered in sunshine and happy people playing games together.
Pastime – West African dance. An old Sufi saying tells us that “God respects us when we work, but loves us when we dance.”
Exercise – Swimming (especially in the sea). Movement is the antidote to attachment.
Spiritual Practice – Gardening – heaven on earth and the mystery and joys of life lie in the compost heap.
Spiritual Teacher – Mama Mc Caff (my mother). The gentlest, wisest and most understanding human I’ve met.
Quote – “Learn about everything in yourself, because if you learn from yourself about yourself, then you will not be a second hand human being.” ~ Krishnamurti

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