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Living the Dream

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By Alana Digan

With Rachel Chambers and Tricia Lyle-Stirling, I run the Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic. We worked together for years at another centre, playing the EuroMillions and dreaming of opening our own clinic and charity that would give massge therapy those needing it but unable to afford it. We haven’t won but when the centre closed, we were handed a client list and an opportunity.

Despite crazy circumstances – I was six months pregnant – we embraced it and opened two weeks before my son was born. We wanted to do things differently and now that we are our own bosses, we feel we can achieve this. Helping our clients in a truly holistic way, we have a passion for healing and now we can begin to realise its full potential. We can offer tools, as well as tips, to help each client move forward on their journey. We aim through treatments, listening and education to empower clients to take control of their own health: it is the client who does the healing after all.

It is important to see people progress from needing a treatment to enjoying some time out. With this approach, we are seeing amazing transformations with quicker results.
We’re having fun, that’s the best part. We are doing what we love and it’s working. We are happy, healthy and satisfied, meaning we have more to give back to our clients. We are grateful for this chance, and everyday brings us closer to our EuroMillions dream, even without the winnings.


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