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How to be Happy & Gain Confidence with Conscious Dressing

by Patrick

By Mary Berkery

Wear what you are, and feel phenomenal


You are a unique expression of exquisite beauty and love intelligence. Unlike any other creature, each day you can choose how to express yourself in how you think, feel, in your career choice, in your conversations, what you eat and in the colours and clothes that you wear.

Clothing covers and insulates. It also enhances your body while expressing your personality. It shows the way you see yourself in a social group. Before any verbal contact, a special communication takes place which is made through the clothes you wear. These will say a lot about you, about your lifestyle and personality. A thought-through and overall-groomed appearance communicates self-care – whether it is a smart business suit for an important meeting, or a sporty casual ensemble for a walk with a friend, or a soft sensual look for an evening meal or romantic meeting. How to be happy in life can be aided by conscious dressing.

The natural world also chooses, with awareness, what it “wears”, whether it is the natural markings on a flower that attract bees for pollination, or the fragrances of white flowers, or the velvet softness of a rose combined with thorns for protection.

When you look at a beautiful red rose showing off its beauty in full display, do you judge it for being vain? Yet, when it comes to showing physicality and personality, I know that I have carried shame and shyness. As a result, I have then put on clothes to cover up and hide from that shame-based place.

The book What you Wear can Change your Life by Trinny and Susannah gives excellent tips on colour combinations and complimentary colours.

Dr Brian and Anna Maria Clements’ book Killer Clothes recommends and advises, from a health viewpoint, why natural fibers are safer to wear.

Some Conscious Dressing Tips

  1. Do not wait to loose weight to purchase uplifting colours and clothes. Start today, loving what is, with a beautiful scarf that brightens and communicates self-acceptance.
  2. Wear natural fabrics next to your skin, such as cotton, silk and linen. They’re better for your skin’s functions and feel more comfortable.
  3. Pass on clothes that you like but no longer wear to your friends, and clear clothes that you no longer like.
  4. When you least feel like it, put time into choosing what to wear, using colours that life your spirit. With combining colours and an overall groomed and cared-for appearance, it is amazing how the effort helps you be more confident in your day.
  5. Carefully fold and care for clothing so that they are ready to adorn you the next time you want to wear them.
  6. Avoid underwire bras, as they can block lymph flow. I recommend visiting www.Nubra.ie to order a healthier alternative.
  7. By dressing with ecologically produced, fairtrade clothing and accessories, you are taking conscious action for our planet and the human family.
  8. Get some feedback on what suits you. Ask yourself and friends if what you wear expresses you, your personality, self-appreciation and creativity.
  9. Purchase what you love rather than what is in fashion, and love what you wear. J
  10. Regularly clear out old underwear and tops that are either too worn or used. Replace them with fresh, clean, seasonal items.

Above all else, put these on daily: compassion, forgiveness and self-love; all for a radiant beautiful you on earth in these times.

Some useful websites

For Fair-trade and organic natural clothing


For exquisite cashmeres from an Irish designer


An Irish fashion brand that is creating positive change through its fair trading relationship with Africa


To win a copy of Trinny and Susannah’s book, email mary@maryberkery.com with the subject heading Conscious Dressing.


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