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Creating Christmas Moments – Dee Wallace

by Dee Wallace

By Dee Wallace

A perfect model for manifestation


I love the holidays. I wait for Christmas with anxious anticipation of joy. Being with my family for fun, frivolity, and laughter has been a precious experience we all have created together every year of my life; and we’ve created it through good times and bad, money and no money, death and birth and tragedy and hope. It occurred to me that if I created every moment exactly like I create each Christmas, I would have the creation process down pat.

First of all, I set the intention each January that we will all be together again. It doesn’t really matter where, just that it happens. I’m not too concerned with the specific details: all of us gathered somewhere, happy, content to be together, sharing whatever monetary surprises of gifts we can afford that year, laughing and healthy. That’s about as specific as it gets.

I love picturing it and all the past memories we have created together. I can even feel the bear hugs my brothers throw around me, and the twinkle in their eyes as they tease me with pinched fingers and yell, “We’re gonna get you, pee-wee! Here I come, sistro!” Silly, it seems, at 57, 64 and 71; silly, and absolutely perfect. I love seeing my sister-in-law baking her little heart out and offering up the standards of goodies we have come to know as the holiday staples of indulged love. I imagine being with my nieces and nephews and the little ones, and remember how much I truly loved it when my daughter was that tiny, and we had stayed up all night putting together what “Santa” had dropped off. It’s a feeling more than anything; a beautiful snapshot of love and bliss that consumes my heart and creates a soft knowing of comfort.

I must confess, I have a Christmas closet. I shop all year and find special things to tuck away so there will be little offerings of special love for all of them. It’s the delightful way I keep the dream and the image of what I want that week alive. So, in a way, it helps me hold the focus on what I want: an experience of love and support and sharing with the most important people in my life.

And then, when the big day comes to board the plane for this week that I have imagined for a year, I take action and fly to the experience I have created. I take action to actually get to the experience, even though I have created it every day since January. And when it arrives and we are all together, sometimes people get sick, sometimes an argument breaks out, sometimes one of our beloveds can’t make it; and I accept it all as perfect. I choose to love and allow each moment to unfold as it needs to, knowing that my vision of love and family can never be less than what I allow it to be. Every precious moment is an experience of that whole Christmas, and I embrace it. There are no good and bad moments, only experiences that weave the tapestry of the family that we are.

This Christmas, again, we will celebrate the mothers and fathers, grandparents and relatives that manifested the beautiful family of Us – always there for each other, always loving each other, forever connected by our hearts.

And when that experience of Christmas is done and the creation has happened, I quietly but joyfully begin creating the next one. I always love that first new gift that goes into the Christmas closet – my first image of another created moment of Christmas.

May we create all moments of our lives this way: setting the intention, picturing and feeling it, accepting whatever happens as good with love, celebrating the power of ourselves and those who have also been the creators of the moment; and then continually creating the next and the next and the next, always knowing it is perfect, always accepting it, and always beginning the new seed of creation around the clear desire of our heart – a never-ending circle of love creation with the family of One.




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