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Our summer issue is out now. We had the pleasure of chatting with medical intuitive Emma Turton, dive on in to find out more!

Master Your metaphysics

Medical Intuition for Health and Healing

by Alison McEvoy

“I was able to release my medical conditions that were lifelong and incurable.”

A regular accompaniment on the spiritual journey is the sense of just how little we truly know. Our human knowledge, in the year 2022 is still only scratching the surface of what the oceans contain, of the goings on of the universe and even, yes, what the human body is capable of; what is happening, and can happen, right there under the covering of our skin. Seeing someone like Emma Turton, I get the sense of someone who is drawing in more knowledge onto the as yet largely blank canvas of our human knowledge – particularly in relation to the human body-soul. Emma is a leading medical intuitive and the founder and director of the Medical Intuition School, based in Adelaide Australia. Emma has a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. She is also a functional nutritionist, certified meditation teacher, therapeutic yoga teacher and intuitive guide.

Emma woke up on her 29th birthday. It was to be another day of aching and carrying the burden of her ill health – a chronic lung disease, constant physical discomfort, frequent headaches, swollen joints, arthritis and a plethora of other symptoms of imbalance. This day however, heralded a new dawn. No longer was Emma content to listen to the doctors tell her that her conditions would only get worse and that she would be on medication for life. Today she realised, “I needed to go on some kind of a journey to find my own answers.”

Bit by bit, Emma began to change things. “The more I changed things in my outer world, the more my inner world, my health, started to change…this was the thing that moved the needle for me, and I realised this was a missing piece in conventional medicine at that point…I was addressing all of the big soul issues in my life and everything was out of alignment. As I addressed each one of these, my health started to dramatically improve. I stopped needing to take my medication. I was able to release my medical conditions that were lifelong and incurable.”

When Emma returned to working with clients, she found something had shifted. “I realised I was receiving a sea of information about these things [soul issues], even though people hadn’t told me…for example that they had a narcissistic ex-partner, or they hated their job. Because I was a physiotherapist they told me they had a sore elbow or other issues in their body. But I had all this coming in and I didn’t know where it was coming from…I had to go on a journey of discovery again, this time to learn what a medical intuitive is.” That second journey of discovery, the one that began after Emma committed to attending to the big issues, the soul issues, of her life, during which she gained the ‘sight’ to see how outstanding soul issues in others’ lives were affecting their health, is the one that led to her helping to evolve the medical field. “I learned what I could do with this information, where it was coming from and how I was even receiving it. I learned how to connect with a client intentionally… how to ask for the information and what to do with it… I had such epic results. With one session of Medical Intuition we could see why a problem had shown up and we could address that, instead of weeks and weeks of physiotherapy… The symptom, the issue, would disappear when addressed because it was no longer required.”

Meta means ‘beyond’. Meta-physics means that which is beyond the scope of physics. The scope of physics is the world of matter, the physical world. So, meta-physics refers to non-physical aspects of being. For human beings, the metaphysical aspects of ourselves are the parts we cannot touch and hold. They are our emotions, our thoughts, or energy body, our soul and spiritual self. In traditional medicine not much weight is given to what is occurring in our metaphysical field i.e. our emotions, thoughts and soul purpose. They are seen as irrelevant, if seen at all. Medical Intuitives, on the other hand, recognise the meaning and role that emotions, energy, etc play in our lives, our well-being and even our physical health. For Emma, her refrain throughout the conversation is, “I don’t separate the physical and the metaphysical. They are not truly separate. It is an illusion.”

“As a human race we are not even scratching the surface of what the body is capable of,” Emma believes. The working of the mind-body are still largely mysterious to us. We can however, go on our own journey of discovery through the simple act of “sitting with our stuff”, paying attention and listening to the language of the body. It is crucial not to “push the body aside and see it as less than, less spiritual than the soul.” The body is speaking out for the soul. The body wants us to listen and its only language is sensation. Just as a child resorts to shouting when not listened to consistently, the body’s resort is to creating meaningful, yet painful, sensations to call us to urgent attention. When the body speaks, and we listen, asking for answers about our persistent back pain or stomach aches, the body responds. It no longer needs to call out for us to listen, our pain has been heard for what it truly wants to say to us. “We have to be ready to release the pain. There is no guarantee. But we are that powerful. Doing the work is that potent. Radical shifts can happen in the body in an instant”. emmaturton.com.au “I was able to release my medical conditions that were lifelong and incurable.”

Find out more about Emma Turton and her incredible work emmaturton.com.au


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