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Our spring issue is out now!  We caught up with Andrea and Attila from Endless Fulfilment Reiki, Sound Bath and Life Coach practitioners – Dive on in!

Endless Fulfilment

With Andrea and Attila

Written by Kate Stuart

Reclaim your joy, build your confidence and energy and create a bold version of your future. 

We recently spoke with Andrea and Attila from Endless Fulfilment. Andrea began by telling us what led her to become a Reiki master and how that in turn led her to meet Attila. Andrea jokes about how she was bashful explaining to this new man she was dating about her esoteric passion for Reiki; Attila chimes in laughing, that he “gets it” because he is a Sound Bath Healer. There began their journey as a pair, and the creation of Endless Fulfilment.

Attila has been practicing Tibetan Buddhism for 25 years and incorporates the Tibetan mantras into the sound bath healing. During sound therapy, energetic and emotional imbalances can be eliminated by harmonic sounds and vibrations. Using ancient sacred mantras, Attila is able to create a meditative experience for the person to be bathed in sound waves, using various instruments of sound and his voice to create vibrations to melt away your stress and worries.

“The beauty of sound is that it goes where it needs to in the body.”

Reiki is about balancing the chakras. This can sometimes be tough if there are blockages there to work through. Reiki master Andrea takes each person on a one to one basis, finding out what is best for them. You will leave these sessions feeling more clear, and better able to deal with what is going on in your life. Andrea is also a certified life coach where her aim is to empower her clients in life, love and everything in between. She is a facilitator who spends time getting to know her clients to best guide them with their goals.

Andrea believes following your curiosity will lead you to your purpose. She encourages you to do more of what sparks that light within, to find happiness in the every day. She helps realign you to a path more fulfilling and rewarding, which is facilitated through life coaching and reiki. Each person gets a bespoke service tailored to their specific needs and ambitions to start living life differently. The benefits of Reiki and Sound Bath Healing are endless, but a few that piqued my interest are harmonising your energy levels, strengthening your immune system and reframing your mindset to live a more positive life. 

Find out more about the incredible work of Andre and Attila here: endlessfulfillmentcoachandreiki.com/

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