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The main feature of our Winter 2022 issue is an interview with the fascinating Elizabeth April! Elizabeth April is a clairvoyant, truth seeker and bestselling author who recounts her stories on humanity. Enjoy our illuminating conversation below.

Elizabeth April

The Wake-Up Call We All Need

In conversation with Paul Congdon

Words by Margot Tubbiolo

Elizabeth April is a clairvoyant, truth seeker and bestselling author who recounts her stories on humanity. She receives information on how we should move forward as a human race and how we can tap into our “own reality”. This article includes the highlights of our sit down with this eye-opening woman. In the interview we focus on Elizabeth’s thoughts on humanity and how to navigate life in the future so we can move forward with wisdom. The insights we received were both interesting and revolutionary.

Tapping into her memories

In the beginning of our interview, Elizabeth recounts how she suppressed a lot of memories up until the age of 24. She attended a hypnotherapy session because she couldn’t remember her childhood. At first she thought that it might be because of abuse. However, she then realised it was because she was supressing information she was being sent about the universe. As a result of the hypnotherapy session her memories started coming back to her.

Humanity in a nutshell

When asked where humanity comes from, Elizabeth gave us answers based on her knowledge from the galactic federation. “Many species that ended up coming to this planet mixed their genetic DNA with ours.” She talks about how they didn’t know they were creating a “master species” at the time.

Wake up and understand

She focuses on energy at this point and explains how she sees humans as star seeds. “There are different vibrations in humanity, but I don’t want to discredit the rest of humanity. I was once unaware, feeding into the matrix.” She loves that she is finally being taken seriously and there is a community around her that supports her. “We all have the capacity to wake up and understand” her belief and hope really shines through in these moments.

Harmony within ourselves

The dynamics between light and dark in this interview were particularly fascinating. Elizabeth had a really interesting take on where this will go in the future. “The darkness is pushing us into the light. Questioning is all you have to do to wake up to a higher vibration.” Paul asks, “Where does the darkness go?” She explains this by breaking these energies into three categories:

1. “Serial killers, selfish, greedy people hold all of the space for the darkness”                                                                                   

2. “Spiritual teachers and high vibrational people are really pure light.”

3. Then there are people somewhere in the middle.                                                                                                                                   

She gives us an insight into how this is not always going to be split in three. We are moving into a world where we balance our own light and accept our own darkness. This brings harmony and “we are everything.”

The Galactic Federation

Elizabeth explains that she is in contact with the “Galactic federation” which is a community of celestial beings that communicate with her and give her all different types of important information. “There are different councils, each
council has a different cell frequency.” There are eight “Pleiadians” at a long oval table. They always leave a seat open for her and they discuss what is going on in the world. “They communicate telepathically,” she says.

Important dates and key information

On the 11th of every month there is a drop of information; it aligns with 11/11 every November. It blows her mind every single time as she is new to the information too. When asked about the state of the future, she explains that 2024-2028 is when new vibrations will weigh out the old vibrations. However until then, “we can’t feed into the matrix by following the news.”

Healing Within

She goes into the findings about healing saying, “We have the power to heal ourselves.” She informs us that in the Galactic Federation, there are beds that scan your body and heal you. However, she makes it crystal clear that, “our body is its own planet. If we are not present we’re not working with our body.” We can heal ourselves without these gadgets. Again, she really hones in on the fact that the end goal is to be able to heal yourself independently.

The topic of the effects of 5G comes up. Elizabeth talks about an analogy. If you’re talking to a negative person you put a
barrier up to avoid feeding into their energy. She explains that it’s the same with these technologies – you’re in full control of your reality. You have the power to put up a wall so these vibrations don’t effect the body negatively.


Speaking of a wake-up call, Elizabeth says, “Every dream that you remember is a message to you.” However, not everything needs to be read into and it’s important to figure out where you want your awareness to be. “Dreams do something for your soul.” She encourages everyone to take naps regularly during the day.

Tips for living in the matrix

You need to physically be aware of what vibration you are in.

High vibration – when you think about that person/object, you feel gratitude.

Low vibration- you avoid or don’t look forward to seeing that person.

“You have to say I am ready to be in full alignment.” It doesn’t matter what your ego wants, it might not happen in the way you think it will. We need to be in alignment with our energy and what is meant for us to break out of the matrix cycle. Make the choice to change. Cut out the things that make you unhappy and you will be well on your way.

That concludes our interview with the brilliant Elizabeth April. We are grateful for her wisdom and we are delighted to help enlighten our readers with her experience. Hopefully this will aid us all into waking up and stepping out of the matrix.



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