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Event: The Power of Knowing with Martina Finnerty

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Come Take A Journey with Martina Finnerty PhD Through
The Evolution of Consciousness
Scientific Facts
Biofeedback Demonstrations
Trance State Exploration
Quantum Physics
Energy Dynamics
Cellular Memory
How Beliefs are Formed
Liberation from Belief Systems
Self-Healing / Placebo / Miracles


The Power of KNOWING is an ingeniously simple journey with Martina Finnerty PhD, through a series of understandings and realisations, to a place of KNOWING. There is a distinct difference, upon hearing something important for our wellbeing, between taking it in as an interesting/useful piece of information [when this happens, it is stored in our mind like DATA in a computer] and incorporating it, through MIND, so that it becomes REALISED within and integrates into our being, thus influencing our function henceforth.

Every human mind has stored and active Belief Systems picked up during life, and these continually generate our perceptions of ourselves and thus our living experience.  Every human being also has a core seed self that they came into this life with; this seed self is full of potential, creativity, love and an infinite source of ineffable gifts and power.

The presence of this inherent power is clear when we study the placebo effect, miracle healings, and the resilience and creativity of those who have survived even the most horrendous of life experiences. When we bring into consciousness and KNOW the difference between functioning through invalid and limiting BELIEF SYSTEMS and functioning from and through our KNOWING core seed selves, then we free ourselves to live our life in response to the stream of infinite and profoundly powerful and wise energy that comes to us through our seed self. Thus free, we shift from living our life experience in response to triggers and step into living through the Empowering Existence that comes from and through KNOWING.  Come enjoy this profound and yet simple Journey through realisations that shift consciousness from the influence of Negative and self- limiting beliefs into the Freedom and Paradise of Living From and Through THE POWER OF KNOWING.

A Series of 6 Seminar/Workshops from 7 – 10pm Weekly: Starting Wed. May 22nd at the Temple Bar Hotel

To Secure Your Place Log Onto www.thepowerofknowing.ie or call 067 23518

Only €360 for  18hours of seminar/workshops including handouts, teas/coffees

EARLY BIRD OFFER pay only €295 when you book before May 5th


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