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The Smallest Gestures

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“Since every end is always a beginning, we can say that is a story that begins again after 74 years of the life of a man.”

Four years ago, a woman named Shalla Monteiro was given a poem by Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho, a homeless man she approached in Brazil. Though neither of them knew it at the time, they were about to become firm friends and very important to each other’s lives. In learning that Raimundo had always wanted to publish a book of his poetry, Shalla set up a Facebook page for him and began to publish his work, or ‘mini pages’ as he likes to call them. He built up quite the following. Not only was Raimundo touched to be able to share his work somewhere, it resulted in his family discovering his whereabouts for the first time in years and his brother inviting him to come and live with him.

In July of this year, the delightful news came out that after support pouring in from all over the world for his work, his life and his story, Raimundo’s first book is now close to being published.


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