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Seani Love in Ireland: Shadow Tantra Talk, Retreats & Workshops

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Seani Love will be visiting Ireland to facilitate powerful retreats, workshops and private sessions in Shadow Tantra

Seani Love

Registration is now open for the following dates: 

Nov 6th Dublin
What is Shadow Tantra? A talk at the Buddha Bag Meeting
8-10pm, Hampton Hotel, Dublin 4, €15
Email buddhabagmeeting@gmail.com to book

Nov 8/9th Belfast
Exploring Ritual Theatre – 2 day non-residential workshop
£80 prebooked, £100 on door
Facebook event page >

Nov 14/16th Wicklow
The Shadow Tantra Retreat – Weekend Immersion
€275, booking in advance essential
Facebook event page >

Email: Sarah-Louise:  Shadowlighttantra@gmail.com or contact via the facebook event pages above.

Seani Love is a discreet, professional, fun-loving erotic and spiritual adventurer who enjoys intimacy, ritual, Tantra and all forms of sacred sensuality.

“I am a total lover of life and take a multi-faceted approach to my services: I love exploring the dark places of the human shadow as much as I love to explore the light.”

He says there are two distinct threads to his work, these being; Conscious Sexuality – “I use a combination of Tantra, Conscious Kink, counselling and spiritual healing arts to create custom journeys into touch, sensuality and embodied healing that allows my clients live more fully in their own bodies as a whole, integrated, sexually-empowered beings.”  And Guidance
“In my guidance sessions, I work with spiritual counselling, coaching, ritual and other tools of spirituality to help my clients gain insights into their own inner worlds. These explorations can reveal aspects of the self that are often hidden or suppressed. The self-knowledge gained from these sessions help my clients to be better able to navigate through the world: You can live more freely in your own body, breath more deeply, love more clearly and gain deep insights into your own magical, living divinity.”




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