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Positive Life Autumn Issue Short & Sweet: Wisdom Journey

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monkstown, Ireland

monkstown, Ireland

By Alison McEvoy

I began seeking out a healthier lifestyle in my early teens. Reheated stew was my weekly fare and my family relied way too heavily on canned and frozen food that I just couldn’t stomach anymore. Almost overnight, at fourteen years, it dawned on me that I had the power to choose.

Much to the consternation of my family, I turned vegetarian, began a yoga practice that has stayed with me through thick and thin for the past seventeen years and decided to go organic – venturing into what health stores I could find and pestering my father (which he secretly loved) to drive me out to farmers’ markets on Saturday mornings. It was on my travels back in 2005 that I first came across Ayurveda. The word mysteriously hung in the air when I spoke it to myself, beckoning me into deeper discovery. In 2016, eleven years and much googling later, I joined the first Ayurvedic Studies Diploma being taught in Ireland.

The intelligence and simplicity of Ayurvedic knowledge feels like home. It gives me a world-and-health-view that I can feel the truth of. The more I learn, the more appreciation and gratitude I experience, for the perfect potential harmony that exists between Mother Nature and her human child. It is amazing to learn how the food and herbs provided by the natural world are so attuned to our body’s requirements and needs, and about how to come back into rhythm with our body’s nature which is itself a part of Nature as a whole. The journey continues as we delve into year two…. wish me luck!


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