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From our Friends: Deep Contemplation as a Powerful Healing Tool

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Date: 25-26 November 2017
Time: 8:30am – 5:00pm
venue:  Edmund Hall, Marino Institute of Education,  Griffith Avenue. Dublin 9
Cost: 75 Eur / day
Our friend Har Kirat Kaur invites you to be  part of this occasion connecting deeply with your soul.  Sat Nam Rasayan is an ancient Healing Art which teaches healing through meditation.
The day begins with some Kundalini Yoga followed by a deep relaxation as you listen to the magical sound of the gong. Then working in pairs you get to experience the deep relaxing states Sat Nam Rasayan produces. The only tool we use is our meditative mind and our awareness.  As you develop your meditative mind you come to a state of expansive awareness and ultimately to a state of silence.
Firstly we stabilise our meditative mind and recognise a particular aspect of the meditative mind which is called the Sacred Space. We relate with the Sacred space and in this state of expanded awareness profound Healing Happens. This workshop will draw on the teachings Guru Dev has given during  retreats in Italy over the years. Sat Nam Rasayan is effective for all ailments and conditions. Sat Nam Rasayan brings balance back to the system.  Patients experience profound states of relaxation and a deeper sense of well being.
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The weekend is facilitated by Har Kirat Kaur who has worked closed with Guru Dev Singh the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan since 1999. Don’t miss this weekend it promises to be fun relaxing incredibly healing.
For more information please contact Har Kirat Kaur: 0863722653 / HarKiratKaur0013@gmail.com
Advance registration is requested.

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