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Spirituality in the City: The Summer 2020 Edition

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Spirituality in the City is a much-loved section of our magazine, where readers talk about what their spiritual journey means to them. In our Summer 2020 issue, we asked, ‘what was a moment in your life that caused you to reset and reboot?’ The six people below had some beautiful, thought-provoking answers.


Tomas Dvorsky

I felt called to reset and reboot around 5 years ago, when I had what I call a quantum jump experience. I went through an emotional moment which made me think that my physical body was seriously ill. In-depth medical examinations found nothing. At that point, I decided to slow down, and reconnect with my body and soul. I came to realise that it was necessary to make changes in my life in order to achieve balance.

This situation led me to live more consciously. I started to work increasingly on my physical, gave me a passion to do the same for others. It felt like a necessary step to align with my true self, as my practice of metaphysics goes back to my early childhood. I believe our body and emotions are great sources of feedback which can give us many answers.


Kim Bellisimo

In my late 20s (after a traumatic childhood of poverty and severe learning disabilities) I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Crohn’s Disease. My body broke down and I was on food stamps. 

Because my father was a compulsive hoarder, my mom and I had become skilled organisers.  So, we started Timesavers, teaming with social workers to enter homes of hoarders, creating order out of chaos. Sadly, the changes we made were often temporary. So I got a degree in Life Transition Counselling and started EnergyWorks. Opening the heart begins to move energy. This is what created the change that transformed me and my clients (starting in the physical realm, moving to the mental, and ultimately clearing the energetic realm, where an integrated life is possible).

My maiden name, Carbone, means coal mine. My married name, Bellisimo, means the most beautiful. My life has been a transformation from coal to diamonds.


Joyous Heart

The most profound moment of reset in my life occurred when I was 23. Driving home from a multi-day event I had been co-hosting, I was in a terrible car accident. I collided with another car driven by a 65-year-old woman, while going around a curve on a mountain road. She transitioned from her body within an hour of impact. The resulting emotional catharsis threatened to pull me apart. 

I chose to sit in the fire of transformation … to fully feel everything. It required courage and daily commitment to being completely vulnerable and present with everything that came to the surface. 

This moment of reset instilled practices of daily offerings of gratitude for this miracle of life. It reminded me to follow my highest excitement and joy in every moment. It reminded me of the truth that within our greatest challenges and adversities exist the seeds of our greatest opportunities and allies.


Lacey Smith

In 2017, I needed a reset. I had gotten divorced. My father had died. My “dream” career had come to an end. I felt trapped in a city I hated and a house I did not want. Worse, I felt as if my situation would never change: dread that loomed over me always. I was ashamed and scared.

Lo and behold, a client of mine had just begun a career in real estate. The synchronicity was too great to ignore. I took a leap of faith in her, and in doing so, I was set free. I then moved to the mountains and dove deep into my shadows. I took this time to uncover my wounds and love them with no attachment. In my surrender to this hard reset, I found myself back in a space of unconditional love, and I began creating the life I deserved.

Josef Steiner

I was racing around the country for ten years: building imported timber houses, eating rushed junk food and adding 2 kg to my bodyweight with every year that passed. Finally, as I drove on a small country road at 120 km/h with my jaw clenched and my chest full and tight, I realised that the only way forward in my life was a complete reorientation. I asked serious questions about my health and wellbeing, and took responsibility.

It took five years of hard work before I found my new groove. Having lost 20 kg, feeling 20 years younger, I am ever grateful that I was able to find powerful transformational tools to assist my process. I trained with Wim Hof and then became an instructor in SOMA Breath, a powerful breathwork method that I practice and teach on a daily basis.

When the Covid- 19 restrictions paused our therapy business, I was inspired to launch my breathwork facilitation as an online program to support people.


Julie Byrne

On Friday 23rd September 2005,  I arrived at a Buddhist Retreat for a full immersion in Loving Kindness. My sense of belonging, worthiness, purpose and zest for life was totally punctured, flat and depleted, after spending all of my adult life struggling and coping. I was broke and alone: spiritually, emotionally and financially.

The revolution in my heart began when I decided to turn towards my truth. The truth of the distance between where I was and where I longed to be. They say ‘the soul knows.’

In September 2015, I graduated with an Hons. Deg. in Psychology. Next , I completed my Yoga Teacher training, then my Feng Shui Expert Certification arrived while I was in Bali, in September 2019.  My other travels include India, Malta and the magical Maldives. This year I’m launching my online business as a transformational coach and mentor. New beginnings will bring you places old patterns won’t.


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