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In Love With Health Food: Tattie Hoaker

by Alison McEvoy

One of the many holistic legends we got to speak to in our Summer 2021 issue was Maureen Brosnan, owner of the Tattie Hoaker health store in Co. Roscommon. Read on to learn more about her story and the amazing Tattie Hoaker offerings!

In Love With Health Food

A Lifetime in Health Food Heaven

by Alison McEvoy

The Tattie Hoaker Healthfood Shop has a claim to fame – it is “Roscommon’s only independent health food store.” Owner Maureen Brosnan began her health food store career in 1970 in the UK.

At 80 years of age, and still working full-time, she has had a lifetime of experience in the world of healthy food and supplements; “I love this business. I have met so many wonderful people over the years and continue to do so still. The Tattie Hoaker opened in 2001 and is a very happy store. Every day is a learning day.”

Maureen has spent her working life doing what she loves; “I feel very fortunate to be able to spend my time working at something I love, and even though I am in my 80s now I still work full-time and I have no plans to retire any time soon – I’m enjoying myself far too much!”

She has been blessed with good health throughout her life, which in itself is testament, not only to the fulfilling powers of working at what you love, but also to the sustaining powers of the foods and supplements she stocks on her own shelves; “I am very fortunate in my health as I have never had an illness and do not take any medications, only my supplements. People often ask me what I take and this is what works for me – I take a good fish oil, supergreens, CoQ10, vitamin D and Somega liposomal C daily.”

So, do what you love – it’s good for your health! Oh, and so are natural supplements. Find out more below:


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