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Water Essentials: We Talk to Simon Newell of Renewell

by Aisling Cronin

Simon Newell founded his fantastic company Renewell Water out of a deep desire to supply people with clean and healthy drinking water. In our Summer 2021 issue, we got the chance to ask him all about his inspiration and his water journey.

Water Essentials

The power of purifiers

by Aisling Cronin

Water makes up an estimated 60 percent of our bodies, so it goes without saying that the quality of the water we drink, use and bathe in each day can profoundly impact our overall wellbeing.

In Ireland, our tap water passes through a processing treatment that is intended to remove serious pathogens. However, this process can also strip the water of important nutrients, while adding a number of chemical ingredients that are hazardous to health in large quantities. Rather than constantly drinking this water in an unfiltered form, a growing number of health-conscious consumers are seeking ways to mitigate any negative effects it might have by installing water filtration systems in their homes.

Renewell Water is one such company at the vanguard of this change. They offer a range of highly effective products and services, including: water purifiers; hydrogen water generators; three-way and four-way kitchen water faucets; shower filters; reusable water bottles and much more.

I was pleased to have a chance to speak with the company’s founder, Simon Newell, to learn more about his journey.

Simon explained, ““I suffered from severe acne as a teenager, which really took a toll on my self-esteem. This led me to look into self-development and natural health. I was about nineteen years old when I first came across the whole concept of purified filtered water. It was 2002, so the idea of water filtration in people’s homes was a very new idea.”

“I heard about reverse osmosis, a water filtration system that would take your water back to a state of pure H2O. I was very excited about that – I felt a huge passion to go out and tell people about this new way of treating water, that wouldn’t damage their health.”

“Sometimes, when I’m talking to people about my water filtration systems, they express some concern about reverse osmosis – they ask, will reverse osmosis not strip water of any good minerals it already has? But for me, the most important thing is to take out chemicals in the water and return it to its pure form, first of all – pure H2O – and from there, you can add in any new minerals you like. There’s a lot that can be done to add more vitality and nutritional value to your water, once it has first been cleaned and returned to its natural state. This is what I’m passionate about doing now.”

Renewell’s water purifiers push tap water through a filter that is composed of small pores 1,000 times smaller than a strand of hair. They can be positioned under a kitchen sink, and have been proven to remove up to 99.99% of all known contaminants, instantly transforming regular tap water into pure H2O.

“One major thing our customers notice is that the taste of their tap water dramatically improves when they instal our filters,” Simon told me. “They’ve often been in situations where they didn’t like the old taste of their tap water, so they went out and bought lots of bottled water instead, but then they weren’t happy about the amount of plastic bottles they ended up having to throw out because of that.”

“My simple view is that we are natural being, made up of roughly 60 percent water, depending on how hydrated we are. It is the single most important substance we consume, for our health. What I always say to people is, buy the filter – don’t be the filter!”


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