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Let Your Stress Unwind: The Benefits of Floating

by Aisling Cronin

In our Summer 2021 issue, we got the chance to learn about how web designer and photographer Stewart Bannon uses floatation therapy to ease stress and lingering injury pains. He visits Slí Beatha Float House in Naas, Co. Kildare, for regular floating sessions. Learn more below!

Let Your Stress Unwind

The Benefits Of Floating

by Aisling Cronin

Floatation therapy is a unique healing modality that involves floating in a tank of water enriched with Epsom Salts for a specific length of time: usually an hour. Multiple studies have shown that this therapy is highly effective at combating chronic stress and associated conditions. It is also a powerful tool for assisting the body to recover from injury, as web designer and photographer Stewart Bannon can attest.

‘A few years ago, I popped a joint in my shoulder and tore a few muscles in my back – leading to nerve damage – and I find that floating gives me a huge sense of relief from pain,’ he explains. ‘It’s so beneficial for my body, especially when I’m trying to recover from a long walk or from playing sports.’

Stewart regularly attends floatation therapy sessions at Slí Beatha Float House, a dedicated centre in Naas, Co. Kildare. After each visit, he feels deeply refreshed and reinvigorated.

‘I’ve had about thirty floats in Floathouse over the last couple of years – I go once a month, or sometimes more often – and it has been life-changing,’ he says. ‘The first time I floated, it didn’t feel real! I had hyped it up in my mind, but I never thought it would feel the way it did. It was so relaxing. I could hear absolutely nothing outside the tank, and I was able to completely unwind. I always tell my friends now, if they have a sore back or anything like that, I urge them to try floating, and see how it feels. They always want to go back!’


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