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The People Behind Bio Energy

by Alison McEvoy

Our winter issue is out now. Editor Alison McEvoy writes on the incredible healing power of Bio Energy, as seen in the life of Aga Kutajczyk-Talaj. Dive on in to find out more…

The People Behind Bio Energy

Courage To Answer The Call

by Alison McEvoy

Speaking with Aga Kutajczyk-Talaj, Polish-born and living in Ireland for the past 16 years, I had that feeling of awe and wonder at the creativity at the heart of each human being’s make-up.

Aga initially spoke to me of her experiences as a child. She could see and feel energies strongly at that time. However, the adults around her insisted she was making up stories and gave her the feeling that something must be wrong with her.

With that, her energetic gifts shut down for the most part. It wasn’t until she found herself living in Ireland, getting
married here and was gifted a son with autism, that her inner gift started to stir, desirous of helping her family.

“I was told my son would never talk. I went to my laptop and typed in Bio Energy. I don’t even know where I had heard that word. I found a therapist and brought my son. He started talking after three sessions… Now, he speaks two languages.”


The Bio Energy therapist which Aga found happened to run the school of Bio Energy. Aga decided to learn the technique so she could continue to help her son, and others. She graduated in 2018 and was asked to be an assistant at the school.

Four years later, Aga continues to work with Bio Energy daily. “It’s my passion and what I love to do. My child’s autism changed my life,” Aga says.

Working with Aga

When I asked what her Bio Energetic speciality was, she described a “funny experience” whereby someone might call her up with migraines, and then for the next couple of weeks she finds herself working with people carrying the same issue. Then it might shift and she gets a call from someone with back pain, digestion issues or insomnia…and the same thing happens on a loop.

In this day and age, many of the above-mentioned symptoms have the stressors of life at their root. Aga works with the body at this root level. “I am not healing the back pain but helping people with their life and emotions. Clearing hooks and cords…”

Bio Energy works at the level of our life force energy, aka prana or chi. Imbalance in the flow of this energy contributes to disease. Bio Energy is a way to recharge this energy, helping the body to thereby heal itself and raise its vibration.

Aga works remotely and she finds people quite enjoy the comfort of their own home and the lack of stress of having
to arrive on time. She runs a weekly morning meditation on Zoom at 10am on Fridays, and you can also connect with her on her YouTube channel. This is Aga’s life work, a beautiful example of a woman living her calling; she is also chairperson of the Bio Energy Association. In her own words, “I love my life, I love what I am doing.”



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