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Patrick Holford on Growing Young with Antioxidants

by Patrick

Anti Ageing Nutritional Advice, Patrick Holford

There is promising new evidence that you can slow down ageing in just about every system of your body. You actually have the choice – to age ‘old’ or age ‘young’ – and as you’ll see, you don’t have to turn your life upside down to do it.

What makes us age?
The entire process of ageing, from your first wrinkle to worsening eyesight, depends on oxidation. Put simply, we run on oxygen. We make energy by combusting carbohydrate with oxygen. The net result is our own exhaust fumes called ‘free oxidising radicals’, sometimes called oxidants or free radicals.

Anything burned, whether it’s a piece of bacon or the fuel in your car, creates these harmful by-products. These literally age you by damaging cells. The average cell has millions of tiny ‘scars’ caused by oxidation. As a consequence, your body and brain gradually work less and less well and look less and less youthful.

But you can dramatically slow down the process by upping your intake of antioxidant nutrients. …

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