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Loves Lost, James Van Praagh

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Get to know love a little better

Love defines who we are and everything in life. It is the glue which holds our Universe together or tears it apart. Being the strongest emotional force we know as human beings, it is important we put aside time each day to recognise and celebrate its existence.

Best mediums Ireland

Beyond the “Universal” communal love, the one which most of us relate to, is a very personal love. Personalised love, to me, is an intimate love with which two people are willing to share the most inner part of themselves and expose their souls.

We first must appreciate who we are. If we have no basic relationship with ourselves, then our hope for finding love in someone else is little to none. Love, by its very nature, is sensitive, and one must be ready to open their heart to new situations in life, not step away from them. Perhaps, in just acknowledging yourself, you have acknowledged love. We must start somewhere.

When we lose a person we love, we must be willing to have some faith, believe in ourselves and know that we are worthy of being found. The energy of love we felt is always there sitting in our hearts. When our grief work is complete and the healing has happened and we become more present, we all can feel the energy of love from the Spirit World. The communal love is the gateway for each of us to  open our hearts to people living on the earth and also feeling our loved ones lost.

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