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Sound Matters, Harmonious Music Brings About Well-being, Maan Kantar

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Maan Kantar Dublin

Sound Matters, Maan Kantar

In 570BC, Pythagoras, a known Greek mathematician, discovered the power of sound.

Maan Kantar Dublin

Legend has it that he was listening to the different sounds made by a blacksmith as he struck his anvil, and he noticed how some combinations made chaotic noise, while others sounded in harmony.

He went on to develop tools, such as the Harp, to create melodies to help heal “passions,” hopelessness and anxiety. He is also said to have prescribed “musical medicine” to cure a youth suffering from drunkenness.

Recent tests conducted at the Stanford Addiction Research Centre, California, showed that certain musical sounds increased endorphins in the body, which produce feelings of well-being.

Because most of our body is made of water, sound will travel to each and every cell, soothing the nervous system and making each cell vibrate to release any blockages. In our modern world, more than ever, we need to create an environment filled with the most harmonious and gentle sounds to help our physical, energetic and spiritual bodies to function properly.

Connecting Within has developed music adapted to these requirements, by using different sound tools to realign the body.

At our Sound Healing Academy, we combine our knowledge of Tibetan Singing Bowls with the practice of advanced emotional, physical and spiritual work. Our system has been successful in helping many people facing a wide range of challenges from soul searching to Depression, Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis amongst others.


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