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Embodying Passion – Find the Courage, By Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan

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Embodying Passion

By Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan

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Embodying passion

Finding the courage to embody your passion

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. We are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us. Your playing small does not serve the world.” – Maya Angelou

Passion is desirable, inspirational and electric. Are you embodying your passion or are you sitting at the sidelines of life? Are you shrouded in fear, doubt, judgement, or envy?

When I think of passion I envision an artist in the throes of creation. I can hear “freedom ring” from the podium where Martin Luther King spoke. I can feel the power of stillness, as Mahatma Ghandi must have felt when he sat in peaceable protest, his quiet a roar in the hearts of all those who leaned in to listen.

As a Kundalini yogi, I know that I am the author of my life. I know my life is a journey of remembrance, a process of returning to my beloved Creator. I have been gifted this breath, this consciousness, to be me. I am not meant to be more than or less than ME. I am meant to explore all of the possibilities of being me. I am meant to adventurously define my greatness and to humbly accept it. I acknowledge that the living, passionate truth in me is a divine reflection, an ode to my Creator.

My teacher Yogi Bhajan said, “It’s not the life that you live but the courage that you bring to it that matters.”

Some of your life’s script has already been written to assure the lessons your soul requires are received. However, there is room for improvisation in the play of life. You can shrink from the challenges that come and be shackled by ill-fate. Alternatively, you can practice embodying your passion and be the author of your destiny. Life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it, so be courageous and live with gusto! Leave no room for regrets. Keep going forward.

How do you live in 3D when life feels like listening to a scratchy old record? The answer is found in passion. Seek it. Explore. Find passion living, breathing and acting in the world around you. Because passion is contagious.

Of key importance in your passionate experience is that in order to recognise it, you must know it. Whatever inspires you, is a mirror, a mirror that is placed at a precise angle to the sun to reflect the light and ignite flame within you.

Inevitably, there will be a point in life where you want to give up, when it seems easier to do nothing. Realign your Self. Dig deep and remember what it felt like to be passionate. In our most dispossessed, unpassionate moments, we rely on our remembrance and our dreams. Our dreams inspire passion, too.

As a human being, you must also be a human doing. You must do enough to make sure the well of inspiration doesn’t run dry.

The universe is going to match your vibratory projection. It will always play sympathetically in tune with you. Create quiet moments in your life so you can make an inner connection; listen to the call of your soul. Let your feeling guide you. When you start actively seeking out something to be passionate about in your life, the universe will help to define your path, providing signs along the way. Pay attention, persevere, seek and you shall be rewarded with the richness of embodying your passion.

I humbly bow, with gratitude to my Creator. What a gift it is to be an actress in the Infinite’s passionate play of life.

Sat nam. May truth be your name.

Jai Kartar Kaur Mohan is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer. Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training commences in January 2014. For more, visit www.wellwithin.ie

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