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‘Alphamusic’ – Music to Keep You Happy & Focused, By John Levine

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Music to Keep You Happy & Focused

By John Levine

Alphamusic John Levine

Alphamusic may help you stay cool – sounds great!

How do you stay happy and focused under pressure? I don’t know about you, but until recently I found it nearly impossible. Everyone loves music of some kind, so what about introducing a type of music that can help you relax and focus?

Life is fast paced so at times we all find ourselves a bit anxious or unable to concentrate or sleep. And being able to concentrate, be calm and sleeping well is vital to our body’s ability to do other important things.

A new genre of music, called ‘Alphamusic’, may be the key to help improve your happiness and health. It can help your body relax, concentrate, heal better, and support your emotional well being.

It is a proven fact that the brain makes alpha and beta waves. The Beta waves are rapid and are increased when we are stressed. However, alpha waves are slower and longer and help us to be more receptive to learning, and relaxing. These are the very waves that you are feeling when you are enjoying a massage or meditating. It has also been proven that people who are anxious tend to have less alpha wave activity than more relaxed people.

Patrick Holford discovered Alphamusic in 2005 and has been using it for himself, his family and writing about it in several of his books. Not only will it help you to relax, it may help boost your immune system, and contribute to your emotional well-being and productivity.



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