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Spring Vibes – Where & When to Get Active, Learn More & Eat Well This Spring

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Spring Vibes 2014


“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke

Love Learning

Getting Out of Your Head
Wake up to the possibilities of your expansion at Gateways of the Mind 2014! Leading experts on lucid dreaming, out of-body experiences and consciousness exploration will present ideas, experiences and demonstrations to bring the benefits to your life.
gatewaysofthemind.com |archetypeevents.com

Bringing You the Best, Buddha Bag
The next few months are jam packed with great speakers at Buddha Bag. Two gems we’re really excited about are Shaman John Lockley and Ross Emmett of EMMETT technique; a safe, simple and non-invasive muscle release therapy.

Let Miracles Take Their Course
31st May & 1st June 2014
‘A Course in Miracles’ offers spirituality that absolutely anyone can learn from, with a sophisticated metaphysical, theological and psychological grounding for the intellectuals amongst us to really sink their teeth into. Expect to come away with greater kindness and love.

Bruce Lipton
28th May
This May, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., introduces illuminating ideas and informative research on the science behind mind-body medicine. New insights could have many people completely revising their understanding of the nature of life.

Loving Wisdom
17th & 18th May
Altazar Rossitor will run two one day workshops to help you reconnect with your flow of wellbeing. Learn to access the powerful, spiritual energies of deep and lasting transformation.

white shaman

Get Active

Well, Well Well…
‘The Well’ at Liss Ard is a new, pilot project that hopes to further conversations of wellbeing. They’ll host a full programme of workshops, retreats and ‘Art of Better Living Salons’ in the magnificent West Cork estate. Make sure to check out their sky garden too.

The Sunshine Club
The Elbow Room in Smithfield offer a range of holistic services specially tailored to meet the needs of kids, teens and even working with siblings to create happier, healthier family environments through yoga, drama therapy and more.

Jason Crandell at Yoga Hub
Jason Crandell, one of the world’s most in-demand yoga instructors, will run a weekend workshop at Yoga Hub this April. Can’t make the class or want some pre-workshop practice? Check out YogaGlo to stream classes and centre yourself wherever you are.
theyogahub.ie | yogaglo.com

Everybody Get Up
There are lots of health benefits to carrying out your work standing, rather than seated and Varidesk offers the perfect solution. Instead of investing in a whole new workstation, simply pop it on top of your current desk to vary positions as you need to. Your body will thank you!

Eat Well

susan jane whiteq

The Extra Virgin Cook Book
Susan Jane White is a nutrition cook, or as she likes to call it for short; ‘a nut’. She draws on her gastronomic background to create seriously good, ‘free from’ recipes to suit all nutritional needs without compromising on taste or aesthetics. We will forgive you for wanting to eat the pictures.

A Diet that Delivers
Paleo Meal Deliveries have been bringing chef standard meals right to your door in Dublin for nearly two years and now they’re offering the delivery service to the whole of Ireland. Their meal plans synthesize with all fitness plans and to keep it tasty, ingredients are locally sourced and seasonal.


Chill Out

You’re Grounded
It feels good to walk barefoot in the grass or along the beach. Groundology have looked at why this is and discovered that connection to the earth could be vital for optimal health. Get that blissful, barefoot feeling every day with one of their grounding mats or mouse mats.

Soothe Your Eyes
Irish business,The Original Eye Spoon Company, are the creators of a simple, all-natural, product that helps soothe tired or dry eyes; something many of us could probably take advantage of with so much screen attention time! They’re handmade from Irish beechwood and designed to fit snugly over closed lids.


Check Out

Some Very Different News
The Philosphers’ Mail is a news site like no other. Taking on popular stories, but interpreted by philosophers instead of journalists, it’s simple, engaging and useful. Founded by Alain De Botton, it’s complimented nicely by his latest book, ‘The News, A User’s Manual.

A Wish Come True
Ever felt it would be nice if you could make a digital vision board? Well the makers of the Wishboard app must have heard you. It’s easy to use, create, save and share. The creator says he was inspired to make it after reading ‘The Secret’ and it’s available completely free.

Mandala Oils
A mandala is a state of consciousness that radiates energies that can activate personal and spiritual growth. These special oils come from the Blue Mountains in Australia and Irish-born healer Trevor Clarke, swears by them for helping generate profound shifts in awareness.


Have Fun

Luis Paniagua

Conscious Concert
An holistic, spiritual celebration takes place in the RDS on the 19th of April. The headline act is superstar of love and intimacy, Margot Anand and you’ll have the opportunity to see Rumi’s ‘The Whirling Dervish’ in the Conscious Theatre. A day of joy, inspiration and wisdom.

The Fun in Failure
This March 24th-29th, Smock Alley will host a joyous show created by theatre maker Jessica Carri. The three person, physical theatre piece will follow the characters through life and relationships on a fantastical adventure that promises to be funny, charming, clever and touching. Check out Smock Alley’s Website for more great upcoming shows.

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