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Event: Voice Workshop with Jill Purce

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Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th February 2015, Royal Marine Hotel Dun Laoghaire
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Sat: 10-6pm, Sun: 10-4pm


This a weekend workshop involves practical explorations with the voice, exhilarating days of singing, of learning and practicing the vocal technique of Overtone singing or chanting – for both non singers and singers alike.

Jill Purce pioneered the international sound healing movement through her rediscovery of ancient vocal techniques, the power of group chant, and the spiritual potential of the voice as a magical instrument for healing and meditation, and introduced Overtone Chanting and other Healing Voice Workshops into Europe, North America and Japan. This February you have a chance to learn from her directly. 

“Discover and release your voice, learn ancient Mongolian shamanic overtone chanting- producing ethereal, powerfully meditative vocal sounds. Vocal purification practices ; transformative breathing practices; vocal meditation practice; mantra; sacred chants; vocal yogas; dream work. Essential grounding for sound healers, newcomers, singers and non singers, teachers, or healers, by the international pioneer of the healing voice, sound and voice therapy. One of the most powerful tools for self healing and healing others there is!”

Overtone chanting was and still is, also used in Central Asia, Tibet and Mongolian as a musical healing modality within the indigenous shamanic communities. Learn to amplify the resonance of the voice and makes audible the inner notes, the natural harmonic spectrum of the voice in its pure rainbow colours, so that unearthly, angelic and bell like tones are heard floating above the note being sung.

“We sing and chant in a way that reveals the structure of sound itself, so that our bodies resonate with the pure tuning of sound and our own natural geometry. This is equally accessible for singers and non singers or anyone wanting to work with their voices or teach. For singers it is the best way to develop the voice and its natural resonance, for non singers it is a wonderful way to discover the voice you never thought you had. In all traditions music and singing has had a primarily spiritual purpose- we will explore that and understand how this transforms consciousness, and how by liberating our voices in this way we make contact with ever deeper levels of ourselves and release an untapped source of energy.”

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