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Training: The Handle Institute Training Course

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HANDLE institute training

 10am Saturday 24 January, at the Disrupting Alzheimer’s Centre, Bunclody.

Since 1994, HANDLE Instructors have provided training to more than 10,000 parents, individuals with specific concerns, and professionals (special educators, psychologists, early childhood educators, occupational and physical therapists, family counsellors, etc.) in countless seminars and workshops. HANDLE continues to certify instructors to help with the growing worldwide demand for training. Courses are frequently offered in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South Africa, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand. To fulfil its mission of training others in the principles and practices of HANDLE, The HANDLE Institute offers several training programs.

The Introductory courses are for anyone interested in learning more about the HANDLE approach and its applications, or who might be working with people who might benefit from the HANDLE approach. One Introductory course is required as a prerequisite for Intermediate courses.

The Intermediate and Advanced courses are courses that result in certifications that allow the graduate to offer services in association with The HANDLE Institute.

Prerequisite: None; open to all – Parents, Teachers, Therapists, Doctors, Counsellors etc.

Duration: Minimum 6 hours of course instruction.

Presenters: Rosemary Mason.
Participants: General public, HANDLE client families, parents, caregivers, special interest groups, organizations, professionals.

Custom presentations: This course may be adjusted to address particular audiences, populations, interests, professional or group preferences.

Focus: This course is designed as an entry level course or a standalone course. It goes deeply into the foundations that provide a solid base upon which the HANDLE philosophy and clinical services stand. These are principles that apply to daily function in home, work, school and community. Five HANDLE activities are explored in detail, focusing on application for different ages, capabilities, neurodeveopmental stages and needs.

Get a HANDLE on: ADD, ADHD, Autism, ASD, Learning Disabilities, Brain Injuries, Tourette Syndrome, Mood Disorders, Issues of Aging, Perplexing Behaviours, Rare Syndromes, Dyspraxia, Depression, Addictions and many many more.

Contact: Christy Fleming 0861045197 or Tomas Ronan 0872711215.

handle.orghandleinstitute.com | facebook.com/disrupting.alzheimers

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