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Lars Muhl – Rock, Roll & Soul

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The Law of Light

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The story of a soul.

By Lars Muhl

Lars Muhl was only ten years old when he had his first spiritual experience. His little sister’s death at the age of 6 opened him up to a new sensitivity which left him able to see through people and feel their pains and worries.

I realised that grown-ups would feel a certain way, but then act completely differently. It was a very frightening experience to be 10 years old and to be able to see how seldom there is alignment between feelings, thoughts, words and acts in other people. I couldn’t understand why things were not in alignment.

At 15 I received a mysterious parcel. Inside was Hazrat Inayat Khan’s little book of aphorisms “Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan”. There was no note and I never discovered who sent the parcel, but that book became the first glimpse into my spiritual path. I just opened the book at random and read these words: “If you will come forward to greet us, we will bow down and lift you up”. I knew instantly that I was no longer alone. Since then I read anything and everything spiritual I could get hold of.

My public life grew. I began writing and singing music, and I spent more than thirty years living the show-biz life. It was a way for me to be in the world, to find an identity, to make a living, and be accepted by the norm. But behind this façade lay my real identity and my search for answers. I spent as much time as possible reading and studying the world’s mystics and religions. I even learnt Aramaic to get to the real heart of the Bible.

But out of nowhere, I became unwell and even doctors were mystified. No one could even name what I had, let alone cure it. For three years I lay on a bed unable to do anything. Until a caring friend who held out hope for me me put me in touch with ‘The Seer’. It is astonishing that with one phone call, I was completely healed. I decided that I had to find this magic man, and after an adventurous journey around Europe I found him and became his apprentice.

It was under his guidance that I learned that one cannot just read and obtain knowledge without practicing it in real life. Through The Seer I learned what my real life-purpose was, so in that way I, a 45-year-old man, was reborn.

Since that moment, I have been practicing healing, prayer, out-ofbody-experiences and much more. My sensitivity has been reawakened, but now in a much more positive way. In 2007 I began to ‘see’ the crystals that are a net of light, that keep our reality together. I also see the crystal formations that hover over every soul, and tell the story of who that soul really is, and what its purpose is.

I invite you to step into your own crystal portal, and experience what a vast and multidimensional reality we are all part of.

Lars Muhl is author of numerous books including ‘The O Manuscript’ and the forthcoming ‘The Secret Teachings of Yeshua’. On the 1st of November, Lars hosted a workshop in Dublin on ‘How to Work with the Law of Light’, preceded by an evening exploring his work, in conversation with Andrew Smith, on the 30th of October.


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