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Winter Vibes 2014: Empowering Events, Happy Health & Gifts To You

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Winter Vibes

“…under the cloak of winter lies a miracle” – Barbara Winkler


Empowering Events & Workshops

The Pendulum Summit
9 January, Convention Centre, Dublin
Get yourself geared up for a great year at the Pendulum Summit, an international business and self-empowerment event with keynote speaker Deepak Chopra alongside Jack Black, Keith Ferrazzi, Debra Searle, Una Fox, Grainne Seoige and more. frontrow.ie

Crossroads with Caroline Myss
28 February, Stillorgan Park Hotel
Caroline Myss is a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker on human consciousness, spirituality and the science of medical intuition and she’s coming to Dublin to share wisdom on navigating the many crossroads of life. seminars.ie

A Taste of Taoism
19 March, Buddha Bag Meeting, Hampton Hotel
Anamarta and Kris Deva North return to share Taoist inspirations and secrets with the men and women of Ireland. The sages of ancient China said everyone is entitled to a hundred years of healthy life and their secrets for this have passed through an unbroken line of Taoist Masters and now make their way to you. jadecircle.co.uk

Do doTerra
18 December, The Lantern Centre, Dublin
Join in a fun, introductory talk on doTERRA essential oils to learn how they can help your health in winter and throughout the year. Attendees receive a free Wild Orange sample vial and Christmas treats! mypreciousoils@gmail.com

Nifty Gifts

All You Need is Less, kerrylyons.com

All You Need is Less, kerrylyons.com

Ethical, Sustainable Yogawear
Grace & Aibell stock expertly crafted, luxury fitness wear. They are huge supporters of independent labels with sustainability at the heart of their own brand ‘Five Feathers’. Their products feature a cotton-touch, polyester blend made from recycled plastic bottles and super soft, textured blends with fibers such as bamboo and modal. graceandaibell.com

The Secrets of Youth
The Bedroom Server is a unique product that harnesses the power of feng shui to promote youthfulness, vitality and anti-aging. The disc works by increasing the amount of healing energy, or ‘Qi’ around the area of the bed. stopageing.com

Sacred Listening
One Eyed Crows album ‘Ardent Heart’ launches 6th December. Their sacred songs are an invitation to remembrance of the wisdom of the human heart. Play it to awaken sacred heart knowing, true dignity and the courage to live from the Sun within. oneeyedcrows.com

Deep Sea Skin Secrets
Oriel’s mineral infusion is a concentrated blend of deep sea minerals with a perfect balance of macro minerals, trace minerals and trace elements in liquid form. This natural, pure and concentrated active ingredient has been designed for use in skin care and cosmetics. orielseasalt.com

Angel’s Kisses
Irish beauty brand Voya have launched ‘Angelicus Serratus’ the world’s first organic, seaweed oil, nourishing body and massage oil. It takes its very pretty name from its primary ingredient, one of the most mineral-rich strands of seaweed known as ‘the Angel’s Kiss from the Ocean’. voya.ie

Kerry Nice Indeed
Dublin based designer designer Kerry Lyons produces simply beautiful stationery with simple, beautiful messages. Each card is printed on eco-friendly paper made from by-products of the raw materials of citrus fruits, corn, olives, coffee, kiwi fruits, hazelnuts and almonds. Sounds good enough to eat but she’s recommended we don’t. kerrylyons.com

Our Gifts To You

Pavilion Passes
The Pavilion Theatre in Dún Laoghaire want to treat you. Send the name of your favourite film, your full name and contact number to competitions@paviliontheatre.ie to be in with a chance to win one of two Monday Night Cinema Season tickets.

Udo’s Choice Super 8
Udos Choice® Super 8 Microbiotic is a therapeutic formula of eight strains of friendly bacteria. To win one of four free bottles, visit the web address below and answer: How many billion good bacteria does Super 8 contain per capsule? A: 10 Billion, B: 30 Billion or C: 42 Billion udoschoice.ie/WIN

Chocolate That’s Good For You
Dr. Coy’s make the most amazing nutritional chocolate treats and we have three gift boxes to give away. Simply email competition@positivelife.ie with Dr. Coy’s in the subject line and tell us who you’re going to share them with and why. drcoys.ie

Happy Health

Best Meditation App

Best Meditation App

Ayurveda for Winter
In Ayurveda, Winter is the ‘Vata’ time of the year. To strengthen yourself against Vata aspects of winter, try using Vatashamak oil. As well as nourishing the skin and joints to keep them supple and soft, it also soothes the mind and nervous system, allowing us to sleep and rejuvenate.

Heal from Within
New meditation CDs from Emma Rowatt focus on three main areas – Energise and Motivate, Deep Sleep and Powerful Healing. Stimulate your senses, become refreshed and promote universal healing from deep within as your gift to yourself and the world. emmarowlatt.com

The Alchemist
The mouthwatering Alchemy Juice Company is an initiative of Susan Jane White, author of the Virgin Cookbook and health food chef Dorris Choi. They sell small batches of fresh, raw, unpasteurised juices packed with essential nutrients and if you’re looking for more ‘bite’ their non-juice options cater to absolutely every dietary preference/need. alchemyjuice.ie

Meditate Anytime, Anywhere
Buddhify is the handiest, prettiest and possibly the easiest ‘to get into’ meditation app I’ve seen. Meditate whatever you’re doing; walking, resting, even working on the computer. Calm is something as beneficial when we’re active as when we’re still and I love that they’ve created it with that in mind. buddhify.com

Time for You
How would you like to launch into the new year and spring with ease and joy and grace? Sometimes it’s about making time for you to create these feelings. Restore health food shop offer free mini-meditation classes that fit into your lunch. Embrace the peacefulness. therestorecentre.ie

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